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Lavinia Spirito

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Lavinia is a homemaker, practicing attorney and businesswoman. She has been active as lay teacher, spiritual director and evangelist in parish renewal and also the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the US and Italy for over 20 years, leading and/or participating in such programs as the Life in the Spirit Seminars, Alpha for Catholics, Christ Renews His Parish, Disciples in Mission, Small Groups, RCIA, and CCD. She is also active as a speaker and has authored articles published in the Diocesan newspaper Crossroads, and the Renewal Ministries Newsletter. In 2009 she was asked to help train Catechists in the Diocese of Lexington.

 In 2003 she joined the team teaching the annual Summer Institute School of Bible Study sponsored by Renewal Ministries in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 2004 she led a group in pilgrimage to Rome and in 2008 a group to Israel. She currently serves as Teaching Leader for the diocesan wide weekly Catholic Way Bible Study of Lexington, Kentucky, and hosts “Real Living”, a weekly radio program about current relevant issues facing Catholics on WMJR 1380AM. Selected excerpts from Lavinia’s scripture lectures can be heard weekly on that same station.

Lavinia has authored 7 Bible lecture series: “A Light for Revelation to the Gentiles: the Gospel of Luke”, “You Shall Receive Power: the Book of Acts”, “Romans: How to Act, What to Believe: the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans”, "In the Beginning: the Book of Genesis”, and “The Spirit and The Law: the Four Books of Moses: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy”, “Jesus, the Son of God: the Gospel of John”, and “Revelation: the Heavenly Liturgy”, and several shorter series. For more information on the Catholic Way Bible Study please go to cwbs.org. She is also the co-host of “Real Living” a weekly program heard on WMJR 1380AM that deals with practical aspects of living Catholic Christian lives in today’s world.

Lavinia grew up in Rome, Italy. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Spanish from the University of Michigan, and is a graduate of the University Of Kentucky College Of Law. She is currently working on a Masters in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. She and her husband Michael live in Lexington, Kentucky with their two daughters Mary and Francesca, and are members of the Cathedral of Christ the King.


  • Marriage and family life
  • Scripture study training
  • Discipleship and prayer
  • Catholic devotion
  • Spiritual gifts/Charisms
  • Women and Personal Holiness


"St. Jerome boldly stated, 'Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.' With genuine enthusiasm I give my heartfelt endorsement to this CWBS Bible Study Series. Each presentation fully breaks open the richness of God's Word using patristic and modern critical sources and applies the Word to our daily lives. The presenter, Lavinia Spirito, engages her listeners' heads and hearts with the biblical truths that further our continuing faith formation, evangelization and community building. May these presentations give a wide audience easy access to serious and fruitful Scripture study. May you come to a fuller grasp of the life-giving knowledge of Jesus Christ."
~ Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer, Bishop of Lexington, Kentucky

"Lavinia has a very powerful gift of understanding & teaching the Word of God. Many hearts have been set on fire by her talks. Our parish has truly been blessed in the way the Lord has used her in teaching and proclaiming His Word."
~ Dcn. Mike Burns, Christ The King, Lexington,, KY