Tom Edwards and his wife, Jean Marie, make their home in St. Augustine, Florida. In 1974, after working several years in retail, Tom resigned from his management position to answer a call to full-time ministry. This step soon evolved into an international mobile outreach of lay Catholic evangelization e preaching and teaching of the Holy Scriptures. His conference speaking, retreats, and presentation of parish missions have been widely received throughout the United States, Belize, England, Wales, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Kazakhstan, Jamaica, Trinidad, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and Asian countries. Tom's goal always is to allow the living Word of God to become applicable to one’s life today. Tom has served twenty-eight years as a Renewal Ministries’ country coordinator, and currently leads missions in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Tanzania.

Program Topics Include:

  • Pivotal Moments with St. Paul—Each of us can learn timeless truths from the life of St. Paul.  We will seek to embrace the secrets of: Character Conversion, Attitude Adjustment, Priority Placements, Mind of Mission, and Victorious Vision

  • The Personal Touch—Nobody in our day has a shortage of "things to do." But in the "busyness of life," it's possible to miss out on what is of eternal value. A vibrant and living faith grows when we truly seek to establish and maintain a "personal touch" (relationship) with Jesus, and then extend that touch to family, neighbors, and all of those He puts in our path.

  • Heart Transplant—We are not talking medical procedure here, but perhaps something far more critical to life. God calls us to a radical transformation—a progression from "who we are now" to "what He created us to be." The spiritual surgery He desires to perform is challenging indeed, but nothing can be more rewarding than being a man or woman after "God's own heart." We will learn about dealing with the "seven deadly pallbearers of character." The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered.

  • Forgiveness—God has given us principles for life that open the door to a consistent experience of joy, peace, and the promised fullness of life. There is a great power resident in the "principle of forgiveness." Violation of the principle can have catastrophic effects. Learn about the great liberation—the healing freedom that accompanies the "power of forgiveness." Prayer for healing will follow.

  • Persevering Prayer—How many times do we fail to pray as we ought ("You have not because you ask not?") Or then again, do we often "wither in prayer" when obstacles arise and life becomes difficult? Scripture contains valuable lessons that address these very issues.

  • Pathway to Prominence—The "desire for prominence" is a natural human trait. Jesus teaches us a lesson on God's method of "reaching the top." His "pathway to prominence" turns the world's way upside down and inside out.

  • Who Do You Say That I Am?It’s a question that demands an answer.  Not one person ever created will be exempt from answering it. The right answer must be a personal discovery, but the answer must come from a source not of us. “The answer is a revelation which is definitive; one can only accept it or reject it.” (Pope John Paul II)

  • Yield to Yield—Two questions are before us: To what must I yield (surrender)?  What then must I yield (produce)? Jesus teaches the answers through the analogy of the vine and the branches. Careful pruning by the vine keeper produces the finest of fruit. Branches that remain connected to the vine will draw the fullness of life.

  • Am I Worth My Salt?Jesus teaches profound spiritual realities through the illustrations of very common substances. The believer, the Church, is to be salt-like. As little as the world perceives it, those who maintain a faith that is salt-like are the only thing that is keeping the “mystery of iniquity” from coming to a full head. What are these amazing qualities Jesus expects to find in those who count themselves as His followers?

  • Escaping the Grasp of Greed—Jesus said to beware of greed in all of its forms. We who live in an era of “instant gratification” must be particularly on guard. It has been said that the “spirit of greed” speaks many languages, but the word “enough” is not in its vocabulary. Jesus calls his followers to take deliberate actions to escape the grasp of greed.

  • The Joy of Generosity—The Holy Scriptures declare, “There is more happiness in giving than receiving.” This kind of giving is not limited to money. The Christian is called to “giving” in every aspect of life. The Scriptures point a clear path to experiencing the “joy of generosity.”

  • What’s Your Temperature?The Lord sets before us a spiritual thermometer. In the midst of a world growing progressively cold and indifferent to the great foundational doctrines of the faith, there must be a people who rise up to exemplify and defend them. To fail to do so may be to find oneself in the most deplorable spiritual state—lukewarmness.

  • Figs, Faith, and Folly—Why would Jesus want to curse a poor fig tree? What were the important lessons for His disciples as they observed this act? We can be sure He will draw close to us, looking for the fruit that should characterize the life of every one of His followers. What will He find—that which satisfies or that which disappoints?

  • Stir Into Flame the Gift of God—A living faith is characterized by a zeal that consumes and a fire that cannot be quenched. God has made provision and we must accept it.

  • Personal Conversion and Repentence—Maturing in our faith always means “leaving something behind” and “taking up something new.”  Within each one of us are two natures—the one we feed will grow; the one we starve will diminish.

  • The Captain of Our Salvation—We are called to follow in the way of One who reveals Himself as “Pioneer,” “Pathfinder,” “Leader,” and “Originator”. He has chosen to reveal Himself more and more daily. He is called “faithful and true.” How can we be a people fashioned in His image?

  • Awake From Your Sleep—Spiritual growth demands that we guard against the ever-present danger of growing dull in our faith. We are exhorted at once to “die to self” and “live for God.”

  • Mission of the Redeemer—Being missionary in thought and action is not an option for the believer; it is synonymous with being a Christian, an authentic Catholic. We must be a people always “going forth with the Gospel.”


"Tom is a fine emissary of evangelization because he is an effective and dynamic communicator.  His mission has been very well received, not only in our own Diocese, but also in other areas of the country and internationally as well.  It is a blessing to have him in our midst.  I highly recommend that other parishes and institutions utilize Tom’s gifts and talents."
~Most Reverend Victor Galeone, Bishop of St. Augustine

Tom's ministry is to bring the Words of Scripture to life so that God's revelation may transform the lives of His people—Tom enables participants to experience the power of the Word of God. I am happy to recommend Tom's ministry to you.”
~ Most Reverend Sam G. Jacobs, Bishop of Alexandria, Louisiana

"Words cannot describe the presence and the power of God that was so evident at each morning and evening presentation. We have indeed been blessed by God by your willingness to share the Good News and already see the fruit."
~ Rev. J. F. O'Malley, Braeside, Ontario



Tom Edwards Evangelistic Assoc., Inc.
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