Renewal Ministries has been blessed to have a presence in Turkey since 1998. Turkey is predominantly an Islamic country; there are only 25,000-35,000 Catholics present there today. The country is known as the place where St. Paul spent much of his time in ministry. The history of Christendom is intertwined with this land, yet Turkey remains mission territory. For the past twelve years, Renewal Ministries has worked with Deacon Hagop to bring the Good News to the people of Turkey, finding both the Catholics and the Armenian Orthodox faithful and eager for fellowship. Over the last several years, we have stayed with Fr. Bruno in Istanbul; we also have traveled to the south to spend time with the faithful in Iskenderun. Our missions consist of parish missions, training in evangelization, and forgiveness and healing ministry.

The Country Coordinator has not made definite plans for 2018 at this time.

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Country Coordinator

John Kazanjian
John Kazanjian

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