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Renewal Ministries began ministering in Uganda in 1995, conducting a marriage and family life retreat at the Emmaus Center in Katikamu. In 1997, Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala visited Renewal Ministries in Ann Arbor, to encourage our work and share with us the needs of his people. Over the past fourteen years, we have continued close collaboration with the Emmaus Center, a thriving Catholic center with ongoing evangelization and discipleship programs, as well as with the Catholic Charismatic office in Uganda. We have returned many times, offering retreats for priests and religious, outdoor rallies, catechist training, evangelization schools, celebrations at the Ugandan Martyrs Shrine, Life in the Spirit seminars, a national training seminar on deliverance, and many other activities. 

In 2015, Renewal Ministries led a retreat for nearly 400 Ugandan bishops and priests. We also conducted leadership formation at the Emmaus Center and a follow-up retreat to the one we held for the Ugandan Parliamentarians in 2014.

Recently, we also help sponsoring a large public rally at Namungongo, the Ugandan Martyr's Shrine. The event drew about 30,000 participants and was the major event in Uganda for the Year of Faith.

Country Coordinator

Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw
Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw

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