In 2009, Renewal Ministries began collaborating with Haiti Mission to combine both the proclamation and the demonstration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each mission devotes its days to the distribution of clothing, food, shoes, and basic medical care to over 700 Haitian youth. We then conduct parish missions and teach catechesis in the evenings.

Haiti has been devastated in recent years by major hurricanes, an earthquake, and a cholera epidemic. The infrastructure of Port-Au-Prince has been severely damaged, and funds and facilities are sorely limited. In 2012, we assisted materially and spiritually with the kick-off of the New Evangelization initiative; it was a great opportunity to empower a beautiful people who have faced an unprecedented number of challenges.

In 2015, Renewal Ministries helped the Diocese of Port-Au-Prince (at the invitation of the archbishop) continue an initiative on the New Evangelization. About 200 priests, religious, and lay leaders attended an intensive program of power evangelization, focusing on the papal documents Evangelization in the Modern World and Mission of the Redeemer. We also conducted evangelization programs at the local prison and cathedral in Jeremie.

Our collaboration with Haiti Mission has borne much fruit.  In 2018, Fr. Jomanus Eustache has once again invited us to conduct evangelization programs at the local prison, Numero Deux, and in St. Louis Cathedral.  We will also work with the children in the three schools that Haiti Missions sponsors and assist them with food distribution.  Finally, we will be providing material goods to Haiti Mission and Dcn. Lloyd Duplantis to continue their work of drilling and maintaining water wells in order to ensure access to suitable drinking water, and assisting with their other humanitarian outreaches.

Country Coordinator

Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw
Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw

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