Zimbabwe’s political and economic problems, coupled with the cholera epidemic in early 2009, brought much pain and division to its people. Renewal Ministries' connection to Zimbabwe began when a young priest emailed us wanting to know more about the Holy Spirit and how to bring the gifts of the Spirit to his people. After email communication, we were finally able to send a team to minister to the people.

In 2009, Bishop Alexio of the Diocese of Mutare invited Renewal Ministries to conduct a retreat for priests and religious—to train his leaders in evangelization and provide them with tools to help people to overcome fear, hatred, and unforgiveness. The bishop asked Renewal Ministries to do comprehensive training for fifty trainers who then took the message to every parish in his diocese.

Since then, we have continued to serve the people of Zimbabwe through retreats for priests and religious; leadership training for seminarians, catechists, and lay leaders; healing and deliverance conferences; and training for youth and lay leadership.

In 2018, we have been asked to return for programs in Harare Diocese with Fr. Maximillian, the Diocesan liaison for the Renewal.  These will be held at Mhuri Sande (Holy Family Chihota), Mashonaland Central Province, and St. Leo the Great Catholic Church and will include an Unbound conference and youth and lay leader training.  In addition, we will again assist Fr. Arnold Maringe who was recently assigned to the St. Therese Mission.  Following our mission there in 2017, Fr. Arnold reported that many people returned to Church after being away for years and there were numerous stories of healing and freedom.  We are delighted to help Fr. Arnold re-build this parish. 

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Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw
Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw

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