In 2015, Renewal Ministries was invited back to Zambia by the national coordinator of evangelization to train approximately 300-400 priests, seminarians, and lay leaders from Zambia and surrounding countries in evangelization using the Five Keys to Freedom.  This work was in response to the Bishops in Zambia who wanted to incorporate the Unbound method of healing and deliverance into their evangelization work.  Deliverance abuse is a serious problem and the bishops wanted a standard model to help in their work of evangelization.

In 2018, we will again collaborate with our friends from the Kekako Community (led by Fanwell Chilondela) to train priests, seminarians, catechists, and lay leaders from Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia in evangelization using the Five Keys. Thanks to the excellent work the Kekako Community has done in laying the foundation and gaining the trust of the Bishops, we continue to expand our outreach to these neighboring nations.  Approximately 300-400 leaders are expected to attend the training in each of the venues.

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Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw
Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw

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