In March 2014, Renewal Ministries was invited to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia (Archdiocese of Castries) for an exploratory mission outreach by Fr. Gerry Bernier. Fr. Bernier is a former Licentiate of Sacred Theology Degree student from Detroit Sacred Heart Major Seminary. He has been ministering in St. Lucia since shortly after his ordination twenty-nine years ago.

On that first trip, over 1,000 people participated in a renewal night conducted by Renewal Ministries at St. Michael's. Renewal Ministries was asked to return in September of 2014, to continue to minister on the parish level and at the correctional facility on the island.  A major focus of the mission was healing and deliverance ministry, using the Five Keys in an effort to remove obstacles to evangelization.

During each of its missions in 2015-2017 to St. Lucia, Renewal Ministries conducted Unbound healing and deliverance conferences, prison ministry and parish evangelization missions.

In 2018, Renewal Ministries will be returning to St. Lucia October 7th-14th under the leadership of Tom Hornacek.

Country Coordinator

John Kazanjian
John Kazanjian

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