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The Final Confrontation

Many years ago, Pope St. John Paul II said, "We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced...the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist.  The confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence.  It is, therefore in God's Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously..."  In this booklet, Ralph Martin takes a look at what Scripture says about the final confrontation and the work of the Evil One.  He exposes the lies of the enemy and the truth about Divine Mercy.  He also identifies what we must do to face the present trials with courage.



 For 2015, Sister Ann recommends Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture: The Gospel of Mark by Mary Healy. We no longer offer it here in our store but you can click on the image below to buy it from Amazon.,204,203,200_.jpg


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Pentecost:  Fire for Holiness & Mission 

This three CD set or DVD contains the talks given at the 2014 Renewal Ministries Gathering. It includes: “Holiness: The Foundation of a Missionary Spirituality” by Ralph Martin, and “More the Holy Spirit” by Sr. Ann Shields, SGL.


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Hope in the Midst of Suffering

Back by popular demand! Sr. Ann explores a topic many people fear and desperately try to avoid. Suffering, however, can be a tremendous gift and produce much fruit in a believer's life. Through the scriptures, the writings of John Paul II, the testimonies of saints, and personal stories, we see how suffering can bring us into greater intimacy with God.



St. Francis Used Words!


St. Francis of Assisi is perhaps the most well-known and best-loved saint in the history of the Church. Regrettably, there is a common misperception that he rarely used words to preach the Gospel. Too often this leads people conclude that it is better not to use words.


In this booklet, Peter uses firsthand accounts to refute this myth and paint a true picture of Francis’ powerful preaching. Following the example of Jesus and the apostles, Francis used words. Peter concludes this important message with additional lessons we can learn from St. Francis for preaching the Gospel in our times.





The New Evangelization

4 disc DVD set

In this video series, host Michael Hernon presents a look at the Church’s call to spread the Word of God through the methods of New Evangelization. With Dr. Ralph Martin and Dr. Scott Hahn, Hernon defines what it means to b e a modern day evangelist and how everyone can preach the message of eternal life with their everyday life.




The Urgency of the New Evangelization:  Answering the Call

Ralph has gathered together the major themes he has been speaking and writing about in recent years concerning the New Evangelization and the New Pentecost and put them into a comprehensive, easy to read book. He presents a simplified analysis of some of the more complex issues from his recent book Will Many Be Saved? and has added two chapters of previously unpublished material on what Jesus told us to tell people. Also included is a consideration of the message of Divine Mercy, including St. Faustina’s description of hell and the urgent need to pray for the salvation of souls.



Love Never Fails

Here is a new collection of short quotes and excerpts carefully gathered and compiled by Debra Herbeck, this time on the all-encompassing subject of love.  Perfect for gift-giving or personal reflection, this treasury contains the writings of favorite saints and others.  Enrich your soul with these meditations on love:  God's love for us, our love for him, and our love for each other.



More of the Holy  Spirit

In the last forty years, many Catholics have experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their lives, resulting in a new passion for God and a zeal for spreading the gospel. Yet as the years go by, many often experience a waning of the gifts of the Spirit and a lukewarmness creeping into their lives. This book offers an inspirational message that will help us persist in prayer, re-dedicate ourselves as disciples of Christ, and ignite the fire that once burned within us.




The Fulfillment of All Desire audio book

Read by:  Drake McCalister

17 cd's - approximately 16 hours in duration

Ralph Martin, drawing upon the teaching of seven acknowledged “Spiritual Doctors” of the Church, presents an indepth study of the journey to God. This book provides encouragement and direction for the pilgrim who desires to know, love, and serve our Lord. Whether the reader is beginning the spiritual journey or has been traveling the road for many years, he will find a treasure of wisdom in The Fulfillment of All Desire.

Here’s what people are saying about this modern classic on the spiritual life:

• “An inspiring work brimming with insight and practical help for people at every stage of the spiritual journey.” Fr. Peter Ryan, S.J.

• “I am deeply moved by this extraordinary gift to the Church.” Fr. John Horn, S.J.

• “This is a book to keep at your place of prayer for years to come...reading and rereading will be a source of powerful inspiration for all those on the spiritual journey.” Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R.



As By a New Pentecost

 This is an effective tool for the New Evangelization! At long last, here is a way to invite family and friends to experience a New Pentecost in their lives right in the intimacy of your home or parish hall.  As By a New Pentecost is a series of seven talks designed to introduce people to the grace of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Teachings given by Ralph Martin, Patti Mansfield, Sr. Ann Shields, Dave Mangan, and Peter Herbeck will inspire and challenge you to pray with new fervor, "Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth!"

Set of two DVD's

As By a New Pentecost companion documents for free download:


Speaker Bios

Opening Prayers

Resource List

11x17 Poster


Recommended resources in the context of "As By a New Pentecost" Talks:

"Finding New Life in the Spirit"  by Word of God (Introduction)

"The New Life in the Spirit Seminars Team Manual" by Therese Boucher (Introduction)

"God Loves You" by Dave Mangan (Talk 1)

"Will Many Be Saved" by Ralph Martin (Talk 2)

"The New Pentecost" by Ralph Martin (Talk 2)

"The New Evangelization:  Why Bother?" booklet by Ralph Martin (Talk 2)

"Proclaim His Marvelous Deeds" booklet by Patti Mansfield (Talk 3)

"Baptism in the Holy Spirit" by ICCRS (Talk 3)

"Welcome the Spiritual Gifts" booklet by Peter Herbeck (Talk 4)

"Charisms" by NSC (Talk 4)

"The Gift of Tongues Explained" by Al Mansfield (Talk 5)

"Hungry For God" by Ralph Martin (Talk 6)

"The Fulfillment of All Desire" by Ralph Martin

"Captured By Mercy" Booklet and CD by Sr. Ann Shields (Talk 7)




Other  helpful resources provide inspiration, encouragement, and practical teaching as you seek spiritual nourishment and deeper union with Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit for inspiration on how you might use these evangelistic tools to help others come to know the love and presence of Jesus in their own lives...

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