Responding to Ezekiel’s Call

Written on November 2, 2018 by Pete Burak

This letter originally appeared in the November 2018 Renewal Ministries’ newsletter. Dear Friends, Earlier this year, Peter Herbeck and I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Steubenville Power and Purpose Conference. This was extra special for me, since I graduated from Franciscan University in 2010, and the campus holds many life-changing memories for […]

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Casting Nets: The Penny Talk

Written on October 26, 2018 by Renewal Ministries Staff

The following article is the first in a series called “Casting Nets” that will run over the coming weeks. They are written by “John,” a student in one of Ralph Martin’s New Evangelization classes, and document several evangelization opportunities he has performed in his various ministries. He writes, “Each ministry is unique with various situations, […]

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Catholic Teacher Fired After Sharing Ralph Martin’s Letter

Written on October 16, 2018 by Renewal Ministries Staff

This article originally appeared on Life Site News’ website, which you can view here. By Doug Mainwaring A Catholic school religion teacher has been fired for sharing an article with her students and their parents mentioning the “homosexual scandal” involved in the clerical sex abuse crisis written by a highly respected, orthodox Catholic theology professor, Dr. Ralph Martin. […]

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Catholic Church Experiences Renewal in Brazil

Written on October 13, 2018 by Ralph Martin

The following letter about Ralph Martin’s recent time in Brazil originally appeared in Renewal Ministries’ October newsletter. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It’s amazing how many of us associated with Renewal Ministries have been asked to serve in Brazil over the last year or so! In the February 2018 newsletter, Peter wrote about his […]

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Are These Prophetic ‘End Times’?

Written on October 4, 2018 by Renewal Ministries Staff

This article originally appeared in the National Catholic Register. You can view it here. By Judy Roberts Under the sobering headline, “A Time of Judgment and Purification,” Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Renewal Ministries published a decades-old message in its July newsletter that seemed eerily timely. “My Church is desperately in need of this judgment,” the message said in part. “They […]

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