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Staying Catholic Made it Possible

The following interview took place between Renewal Ministries’ Administrative Assistant Therese Jones and supporter Ann Cassano. We share it here as an encouragement and reminder of the difference made by persevering in faith. This interview originally appeared in the...

The Spirit Comes

By Jack Flanagan Cyril of Jerusalem had many wonderful things to tell the early Church about the Holy Spirit.  Here is a sampling: The Spirit comes gently and makes himself known by his fragrance.  He is not felt as a burden for he is light, very light. The Spirit...

Accompaniment: Important but Insufficient

This article originally appeared in Renewal Ministries' October 2019 newsletter. Friendship is a universal desire and one of God’s great gifts to humanity. Preaching the Gospel and making disciples can seem intimidating, only for the very wise and holy, or even...

Our Manifesto: A Look Forward

This article originally appeared in Renewal Ministries' September 2019 newsletter. In our July newsletter, we published Cardinal Mueller’s “Manifesto,” which so clearly reaffirmed important truths of our faith that have been surrounded with fog and confusion, even in...

A Father Who Waits

This article originally appeared on the Be Love Revolution blog. I’ve noticed in my own life how easy it is to relate to God as Someone who wants something from me—like an employer, a landlord, or a coach—and my “job” is to earn the right to be loved and accepted by...

Walking with God’s Word

This article originally appeared online on the Archdiocese of Omaha's "Catholic Voice Online." By Connie Rossini, for Catholic Voice Online Peter Herbeck heard the call to serve God full-time when he was in college. At first he thought this likely meant a vocation to...

God’s Word on Sex

This article is condensed from a talk Joey McCoy recently gave at an i.d.9:16 Disciples’ Night. It originally appeared in Renewal Ministries' August 2019 newsletter. By Joey McCoy It’s easy to walk through life believing human beings are the center of everything. But...

The Fulfillment of All Desire

This abridged article originally appeared on Canadian Board Member Msgr. Gregory Smith’s blog on the Feast of Corpus Christi. It can be viewed here. This article also appeared in Renewal Ministries’ July 2019 newsletter. By Msgr. Gregory Smith It was a great joy to...

The Significance of Pilgrimage

We are happy to announce that Fr. Graham Keep will be the priest for Renewal Ministries' fortieth anniversary pilgrimage to Greece "In the Footsteps of St. Paul," in May of 2020! You can learn more and register here. By Fr. Graham Keep Some twenty-five years ago, as a...

The Stages of Sin

This article originally appeared on Community in Mission, the blog for the Archdiocese of Washington. By Msgr. Charles Pope We are living in times when many are doubling down on their sin. As the darkness grows, many fiercely defend their sinful practices. This is...

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