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A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward

A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward

Ralph Martin

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Ralph Martin offers a detailed look at the hostility toward the Catholic Church that has grown in the nearly forty years since he released his A Crisis of Truth book and talks. This book's mission is two-fold: Ralph uses copious evidence to uncover the forces that have continued to undermine the Body of Christ while also offering hope to those looking for clarity. Using both Scripture and Tradition, Ralph's newest book will help fortify the faithful against errors that threaten us from all directions.

Click HERE for links to interviews with Ralph and reviews of the book.

"In this book Dr. Martin is squarely facing the serious crisis that is unfolding both in the Church and in the culture. He does so in an honest but fair manner and offers solutions that, if implemented, would do a great deal to restore health and strength to the Church, and allow it to be the light to the world it is meant to be. An important book that should be widely read."
Cardinal Gerhard L. Müller | Former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

"It is impossible to deny the crisis of division and widespread confusion that characterizes the Church in our day. Nor can anyone who loves the Church ignore the strong theological undercurrents that Dr. Martin identifies, currents that try to separate what cannot be legitimately divided: pastoral charity from revealed truth. This is an important book well worth reading."
Bishop Scott McCaig | C.C. Military Ordinary of Canada

"This book is a massive achievement. Ralph Martin is one of the most reliable analysts of the state of the Church. He is brave and bold, outspoken but never snarky or alarmist. Some of his chapters, such that on culpability, shed fresh light on some of the most debilitating confusions of our age. This book will be the go-to book for those who want a comprehensive view of the crisis in the Church today."
Janet Smith | Author of Self-Gift: Humanae Vitae and the Thought of John Paul II

"Ralph Martin's new book is the clear blast of a trumpet, a bright light in the midst of a fog of confusion and apathy. Its analysis of the present crisis in the Church is profoundly sobering, but not dispiriting. No, God himself is at work to purify and renew his Church, and this book will inspire both clergy and laity to collaborate in that work through soul-searching, repentance, courage, zeal for holiness, and a renewed hope in the victory of the risen Lord."
Dr. Mary Healy | Pontifical Biblical Commission Member & Co-General Editor of the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture

"Ralph Martin's remarkable book provides an extraordinary opportunity to engage in a self-examination of our "own faithfulness to Christ's will for the Church and accordingly to undertake with vigor the task of renewal and reform' (Vatican II, Unitatis Redintegratio 4). . . . His book simply could not have come at a better time."
Eduardo J. Echeverria | Professor of Philosophy and Systematic Theology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

"The Catholic Church is in deep crisis. It doesn't take a genius to see that. However, to present an accurate and synthetic picture of the crisis, to identify its roots, and to indicate the path forward takes more than a genius: it takes a man filled with the Spirit of God. Ralph Martin is just such a person, and his new book is fire alarm, tonic and fresh air all wrapped into one."
Msgr. Andrew McLean Cummings | Director of Spiritual Formation, Mount Saint Mary's Seminary, Emmitsburg, Maryland

"The crisis of truth is back. An unblinking analysis of these toxic threats to the Church is once again desperately needed, but while many have provided elements of such an analysis, few have proffered so sweeping an evaluation while retaining admirable balance and evincing heartfelt love for the Church. Yet Dr. Martin goes further still in this book, which I do not hesitate to call prophetic. He points the way forward by holding fast to Scripture, rejecting the rationalization of sin and the false security of universalism, and recommending the proven remedies of repentance and reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit."
Fr. Peter Ryan, S.J. | Professor of Theology, Director of Spiritual Formation, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Former Executive Director USCCB Committee on Doctrine.

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