Dear Troubled Catholics – A Letter From Ralph Martin About the Current Crisis



Dear Troubled Catholics,

I have never seen so many “ordinary Catholics”—who usually never follow or hear about Church news—as deeply troubled as I have seen them in response to the recent revelations about the retired archbishop of Washington, DC.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was asked by the pope to resign from his membership in the College of Cardinals and ordered to live in seclusion until a canonical trial can be held to verify the validity of charges of sexual abuse and harassment made against him. After the first brave person came forward (whose accusations were found credible by the Archdiocese of New York Review Board), more and more followed. The climate of fear among many of our clergy—the fear of being punished or marginalized if they report sexual immorality among their fellow clergy or leaders—is starting to break. Cardinal McCarrick is now known as Archbishop McCarrick.

What has been so disturbing to so many people is the fact that there had been numerous warnings to various church officials that he was a homosexual predator, harassing many seminarians, priests, and young boys, for many years, but nothing had ever been done about it, and he was continually promoted. Even after a delegation of priests and lay people went to Rome to warn the Vatican about the situation, he was promoted. Even after a leading Dominican priest wrote a letter to Cardinal O’Malley, nothing was done. Even after lawsuits accusing him of homosexual sexual harassment in two of his previous dioceses had been settled with financial awards, he was still promoted. And not only that, he became a key advisor to Pope Francis and offered advice on whom to appoint as bishops in the United States!

One young Catholic mother with two boys who was open to the priesthood for them said to me that she now has grave concerns about ever having one of her sons enter the seminary, given the corruption that has been revealed.

Another said she could no longer see anyone joining the Catholic Church, due to such bad leadership. She lamented about the difficulty this presents for evangelization.

Another said that seven people from her very small, rural parish had left the parish, because sexual sin is never spoken of and there is almost an exclusive emphasis on political issues. She now fears that even more will leave.

Another said that the only way this is ever going to change is if we simply stop giving to the bishops’ national collections and to our own dioceses and parishes’ collections, unless they are led by bishops who are willing to call a spade a spade and govern accordingly. To this day, there are quite a number of “gay friendly” parishes in even “good dioceses,” where those afflicted with homosexual temptation are not encouraged to live chaste lives or offered effective correction, but instead are confirmed in their sexual activity. It seems many bishops are afraid to tackle the local “homosexual lobbies” and choose to turn a blind eye.

This past weekend at Mass, the priest giving the sermon was more upset than I’ve ever seen him about the unfolding scandal. The Gospel was about how the weeds and the wheat grow up together and will only finally be separated at the judgment. It was unclear what the priest was actually saying, but we are certainly not called to “enable the weeds.” And shepherds in particular have the obligation to admonish the sinner and remove from ministry those who refuse to preach the truth and who encourage others in wrong doing. Yes, we will always have sin, but as Jesus said,

“whoever causes one of these little ones who believes in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” (Mt 18:6).

There have been a veritable deluge of articles that have appeared from highly respected lay Catholics and priests saying that “enough is enough,” and we need to stop the cover-ups and get to the bottom of who is implicated in promoting men like this and covering up for them. We do.

In 2002, when the American bishops approved their “charter” that attempted to respond to the many cases of priest pedophilia that had come to light by that time, they conspicuously exempted themselves from their “zero tolerance” policy. Many priests have told me that they felt “thrown under the bus” by the bishops, who conveniently didn’t adopt policies to deal with their own tolerance of immoral behavior, cover-ups that allowed the pedophilia to go on for many years, or in some cases, their own immoral behavior. Another disturbing thing about the 2002 Charter is that—despite pleas to not ignore the fact that this is primarily a homosexual scandal, since most of the victims were adolescent boys rather than true children—the bishops decided not to tackle “the elephant in the room.” Could it be because they knew some of their brother bishops/cardinals were implicated, and they didn’t want to face the mess of cleaning it up? Now this refusal to acknowledge the “homosexual lobby,” as Pope Benedict termed it, is coming home to roost.

But there’s not just a huge homosexual problem in the Church; unfortunately, heterosexual sin and financial malfeasance are common in many places as well. In some countries, a significant percentage of priests are living with concubines or fathering children by vulnerable women and giving scandal to the faithful, who often know about it. This is the case in Uganda, from which I have recently returned, and in many other countries as well. In these situations, the “protection” of the priests and the frequent disregard for their victims—the women and their children—cries out for justice.

And so, once again because of the pressure of lawsuits and the press, the bishops are talking about “developing new policies” that would apply to bishops. As a colleague at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, Michigan, has said: “Isn’t it clear enough from the Gospel that covering up immoral behavior is itself wicked? Why do we need new policies when the teaching of Jesus and the apostles is so clear?” Can the words of the Old Testament prophets and Jesus Himself against false shepherds be any clearer or more devastating? (See Jeremiah 23:1-6; Matthew 23, etc.)

The Archbishop McCarrick case may prove to be the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” It may  make the bureaucratic, carefully worded, evasive statements that have come from our leaders finally address sin and repentance, instead of the mere policies and processes they typically focus on. Could it be—finally—that the revelation of the long-term sexual harassment of seminarians and priests that never stopped Archbishop McCarrick’s rise in the hierarchy will be so totally repugnant that real repentance may actually start to happen? I have never prayed more for the pope and our leaders than I have in the last several years, and we all must continue to do so. More about that later.

Unfortunately, the Archbishop McCarrick case is certainly only the “tip of the iceberg.” The cumulative effect of revelation after revelation of immorality in high places is devastating. First, a number of years ago, a cardinal from Austria was forced to resign over homosexual activity; then, more recently, a cardinal from Scotland resigned over sexual harassment of seminarians and priests; and then the archbishop of Guam underwent a canonical trial in Rome over the sexual abuse of minors; and now cardinals in Chile (one of whom is on the pope’s Council of Cardinals that oversees reform) are under heavy suspicion for covering up homosexual abuse in their country. In fact, the whole bishops’ conference of Chile, acknowledging complicity in not taking seriously reports of a bishop’s cover up of sexual abuse, recently gave their resignations to the pope, and he has so far accepted several of them. The pope himself at first stubbornly backed the appointment of this bishop and dismissed the victims’ pleas as “calumny” and “gossip.” And before we could absorb this news, there was news of an archbishop in Australia getting a prison sentence for covering up abuse on the part of a priest. And just today, as I am writing this, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ordered the release of a grand jury report implicating more than 300 “predator priests” in six of the eight Pennsylvania dioceses involved in the sexual abuse of minors over many years.

Unfortunately, the rot is wide and deep and years of covering up abuse (and the concomitant reluctance to really preach the Gospel and call people to faith and repentance) and its ultimate exposure have injured the faith of millions. How shocking and tragic was it to see tens of thousands of Irish people in the streets of Dublin wildly celebrating that they could now legally kill babies!!!! Just when the Irish bishops needed to speak most strongly on fundamental moral issues, their credibility was destroyed when it was finally exposed that they had covered up abuse for decades. Satan is indeed like that wild boar Scripture talks about that rampages though the vineyard of the Lord because the hedges of protection have been destroyed (Ps 80:12-13). The corruption, ineptitude, and cowardice runs wide and deep, and its effects on the eternal salvation of millions, and the destiny of nations, is devastating.

Most recently, Cardinal Maradiaga of Honduras has seen his auxiliary bishop resign over homosexual and financial impropriety, and forty seminarians in his diocese publish a letter asking him to please root out the homosexual network in his seminary. This cardinal is Pope Francis’ chief advisor, the head of his “Council of Nine” that works closely with the pope in bringing about reform in Rome, and is mentioned as a possible successor to Pope Francis.

But continual reports of ongoing financial and sexual scandals suggest reform doesn’t seem to be happening. Recently, a male prostitute in Italy published the names and photos of sixty priests who frequent his services—with scarcely any comment from the shepherds. And the homosexual orgy in the apartment of a Vatican cardinal, used by his secretary, was met with a “no comment” by the Vatican press office. And then we hear also of a monsignor in the papal nuncio’s office in Washington, D.C., who suddenly leaves the country and is put on trial in the Vatican for trafficking in child pornography and is given a five year prison sentence.

I didn’t plan to discuss this whole situation, but it came up this summer when the thirty priests in my class at the seminary wanted to discuss Pope Francis’ leadership and the McCarrick scandal. We all agreed that Pope Francis has said and done some wonderful things (I teach his Apostolic Exhortation The Joy of the Gospel in one of my classes), but he also has said and done some things that are confusing and seem to have led to a growth of confusion and disunity in the Church. How can German and Polish bishops approach the question of whether divorced and remarried couples can receive Communion without getting an annulment in opposite ways, and the Church still retain an ability to speak to the contemporary culture with one voice? It can’t. And how long can Church officials speak about the “positive values” of “irregular relationships” until the average Catholic comes to believe that we no longer believe the words of Jesus that fornicators, adulterers, and those who actively practice homosexuality will not enter the kingdom of God unless they repent? How many still believe that there is really a hell and that, unless we repent from such serious sins before we die, we will go there? Have we ever heard from leading churchmen, even in Rome, in recent years, that adultery, fornication and homosexual relations are not only “irregular,” but gravely sinful? Has the creeping “universalism” (the belief that virtually everyone will be saved) so undermined the holy fear of God and belief in His clear word, which has been transmitted faithfully all these centuries and is found intact in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, that people have become “understanding” about persisting in grave sin with no fear of God or of hell?

Has false compassion and presumption on God’s mercy replaced true love, which is based on truth, and the only appropriate response to God’s mercy—faith and repentance?

And what are we to make of the fact that so many of those advising the pope have questionable fidelity to the truth? How can we have confidence in Cardinal Maradiaga as the head of his Council of Cardinals when he is accused of financial impropriety (which he denies); he chose an active homosexual as his auxiliary bishop; and he allowed a homosexual network to grow up in his seminary, dismissing attempts to appeal to him to clean up the mess as unsubstantiated gossip? How can we have confidence in the pope’s main theological advisor, a theologian from Argentina who is most known for his book The Art of the Kiss, or the pope’s main Italian theological advisor, who is known for his subtle dissent from the Church’s teaching in the area of sexuality and who tried to insert texts in the synods on the family that pushed the document in a permissive direction? And how can we have confidence in the recently appointed head of the John Paul II Institute on Marriage and the Family—an archbishop who commissioned a mural in his former cathedral in an Italian diocese from a homosexual artist who included homo-erotic themes in the mural, including a portrait of the archbishop in an ambiguous pose?

One godly woman just asked me last night if it was OK for her to be upset with what was happening. I sadly said yes, of course it is.

How can we passively endure such corruption that runs so wide and deep? It is right to make our views known. It is right and necessary. But even more so, it is necessary to pray and offer sacrifices for the Church and her leaders at this time. It is necessary to pray that genuine reform, rooted in real repentance and an embrace of all the truths of the faith, would come out of this awful situation and that the Church, more deeply purified and humbled, may shine forth with the radiance of the face of Christ.

But it is going to be a long way from here to there. Grave damage has been done to the credibility of the Church, and more will leave. Grave damage has been done to many of the flock, and reparation must be made; public repentance is called for. As Pope Benedict XVI wrote when he was a young priest, the Church will have to become smaller and more purified before it can again be a light to the world. The Church is going through a radical purification under the chastising hand of God, but already we can see a remnant of fervent renewal appearing all over the world, which is a sign indeed of hope and the renewal to come.

And so, what can we do as we continue to pray for the pope and our leaders that God may give them the wisdom and courage to deal with the root of the rot and bring about a real renewal of holiness and evangelization in the Church?

»We need to go about our daily lives, trying to live each day in a way pleasing to God, loving Him and loving our neighbor, including the neighbor in our own families. We need to look to ourselves, lest we fall.

»We need to remember that even though we have this treasure in earthen vessels (or as some translations put it, “cracked pots”), the treasure is no less the treasure. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater! Baby Jesus is the treasure, and He is still as present as ever and still as ready to receive all who come to Him. And the Mass! Every day, He is willing to come to us in such a special way. Let’s attend daily Mass even more frequently, to offer the sacrifice of Jesus’ death and resurrection to God the Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit, for the salvation of souls and the purification of the Church.

»We need to remember that the Catholic Church is indeed founded by Christ and, despite all problems, has within it the fullness of the means of salvation. Where else can we go? Nowhere; this is indeed our Mother and Home, and she needs our love, our prayers, and our persevering in the way of holiness more than ever.

»We need to remember that there are many truly holy and dedicated bishops and priests, and we must pray for them and support them. They need and deserve our support.

»We need to remember that this isn’t the first time such grave problems have beset the Church. In the fourteenth century, St. Catherine of Siena bemoaned the “stench of sin” coming from the papal court and prophesied that even the demons were disgusted by the homosexual activity he had tempted priests into and the cover up by their superiors! (See chapters 124-125 of Catherine of Siena’s The Dialogue.)

That isn’t to say that we don’t need to take seriously and do all we can in response to the grave scandal we are facing in our time. And yet we need to remember that all this is happening under the providence of God, and He has a plan to bring good out of it. It was even prophesied strongly in Mary’s apparitions in Akita, Japan. Jesus is still Lord and will use the current grave problems to bring about good.

And finally, I’m beginning to see why the Lord has impressed on me so strongly in the past year the urgent need to heed the appeals of Our Lady of Fatima. Indeed, as Mary said,

“Pray, pray very much, and make sacrifices for sinners; for many souls go to hell, because there are none to sacrifice themselves and to pray for them.”

Let’s continue to pray and offer sacrifices for the conversion of sinners and as reparation for sin, and let’s pray the rosary daily as Mary requested, for peace in the world and true renewal in the Church.

Your brother in Christ,


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Ralph Martin

Ralph Martin is president of Renewal Ministries. He also hosts The Choices We Face, a widely viewed weekly Catholic television and radio program distributed throughout the world. Ralph holds a doctorate in theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas (Angelicum) in Rome and is a professor and the director of Graduate Theology Programs in the New Evangelization at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in the Archdiocese of Detroit. He was named by Pope Benedict XVI as a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization and was also appointed as a “peritus” to the Synod on the New Evangelization. Ralph is the author of a number of books, the most recent of which are The Urgency of the New Evangelization, The Fulfillment of All Desire, and Will Many Be Saved? He and his wife Anne have six children and sixteen grandchildren and reside in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

122 thoughts on “Dear Troubled Catholics – A Letter From Ralph Martin About the Current Crisis

  1. Ralph,

    Thank you for continuing to speak up boldly and forthrightly! You hit the nail on the head again, but most importantly given us the spiritual perspective and a positive way to respond. I’ve passed this letter on to some family and friends.

    God bless you and your important ministry in the Church!

  2. Thank you, Ralph, for this article. Your perspective as a theologian and Church leader is a welcome voice in this scandal.

  3. Let us hold fast to the Truth that Jesus is Lord.
    This is His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail agaist His Church, The One Holy Catholic Church.
    Do not abandon Him, betray and run away like Judas.
    Comfort Jesus in His Real Prescence in The Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar.
    Pray for the repentance conversion and salvation of sinners. Our Lady of Fatima has asked us to pray the
    rosary and do penance for poor sinners as so many go to hell because no one prays for them.
    The rosary is the weapon for our times.

  4. Let us hold fast to the Truth that Jesus is Lord.
    This is His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail agaist His Church, The One Holy Catholic Church.
    Do not abandzon Him, betray and run away like Judas.
    Comfort Jesus in His
    Real Prescence in The Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar.
    Pray for the repentance conversion and salvation of sinners. Our Lady of Fatima has asked us to pray the
    rosary and do penance for poor sinners as so many go to hell because no one prays for them.
    The rosary is the weapon for our times.

  5. Thank you Ralph, for your letter. We are living in such dark times which more importantly, we, followers of Jesus, need to be the light. I know first-hand the traumatic psychological damage and deplorable and narcistic familia relationships. (In fact, all my siblings are estranged from one another, all 7 of us.) The horrific consequences of such horrendous acts, alongside secrets, created spiritual crisis for all members of my family. For me, a miraculous encounter with a personal God, radically transformed my life, a 2nd chance if you will, allowing me unbelievable graces to heal. A lot of counseling, and prayer brought me closer to the truths of life and God, which then transitioned me back with the grace of God to return back to the Catholic Church. Since this weekend, I have connected already to 2 Christian survivors. One of which I went to high school with and she married a 2nd cousin. Hers was through a Priest. Please keep all survivors in prayer and this particular individual, so that healing can begin and she will find her way back to the fold in the Catholic Church.
    I apologize for sharing so much but thank you for your ministry. I watch your televised program, ” Choices we Face” each week to be fed. God Bless you all.

  6. Thank you so much for telling it like it is! You have given me hope that this Catholic swamp will be drained. After many years of staying away, I can only pray this will be resolved for as you said, “Where else can we go”?

  7. Very insightful and troubling at the same time. As a priest, there are times I wish God was asking me to go off and become a hermit, but so far I keep hearing Him telling me to stay in this mess and fight the good fight.

  8. This is so right on. Finally someone with facts points out some concerning people advising our Pope!

  9. Thank you, Ralph. This is the kind of brave, clear-headed, bold preaching of the truth that i have come to expect from you. You always tell it like it is. Preach on, brother!

  10. I felt so sad after reading this as I love the Catholic Church but do question the way bad things are covered up. We must continue to pray for the church and it’s leaders that they will humble themselves and repent of their sins.
    There is definitely a battle going on between good and evil not only in the church but in our country. Many people are needed to be prayer warriors so our church the one true church will be healed. Don’t be too busy to pray.

  11. We have been here before in terms of scandals – and we are still here!! After a while, everything gets swept under the rug again… Question is why does this continue to happen? Well, even the so called “good” priests, know what is going on. Often hearing confessions or otherwise observing. Everyone is complicit in some way. So enough of the “we need to pray for them speech. If everyone spoke up and our so called “leaders” DID something, we would get somewhere. We the people – the church – need to demand it. How about the misguided “protection” or “forgiveness” of the sinner – namely clergy at all levels? What about the protection of “we the people”? Protection from predators not just of minors but ALL the church? Drain the swamp!! This is one reason for lack of priests – no one in their right mind should want to join a questionable organization.

  12. The homosexual bishops and priests must resign immediately! Their continued debauchery can only harm the Body of Christ! Homosexuals cannot be good fathers to the flock, since they have been psychologically disturbed and traumatized. Peacefully picketing can drive the point home that this is the end for them! Priestly celibacy for the normal priests needs to be supported, instead of discouraged

  13. Dear Mr Martin – thanks so much for your article. I live in Canada – but this last scandal has affected me like no other. I will never leave our Church but my soul feels like it has been torn apart. I personally think that all the Cardinals and Bishops who knew any of this have the moral duty to resign immediately. Will the Church be badly affected – I think yes but as Pope Benedict once said “Maybe we will have a smaller Church” – but hopefully more Holy. Peace

  14. Well done. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I was furious when I found out we had to take”Protecting God’s Children”and the bishops were exempt! The USCCB needs to go!

  15. I pray for the shepherds of our church. However we must look to ourselves also. How many Catholic men and women use birth control, look at pornography, read 50 Shades of Grey and all the other smut out there want abortion kept legal. A major majority of them! When you talk to people about these sins of theirs they say don’t judge me. Well it is a sinful lifestyle
    and thus people must be told they are in the wrong. If they are not told then you risk your own souls going to hell. You don’t tell your children to stop doing something only once. You keep repeating it. That is what we must do as Christians. The three Fatima children said that the sinners going to hell the most were for sexual sins!

  16. Thank you so very much for this enlightening but most troubling article. I feel so inadequate to help with the fight our Church needs because my way of trying to correct sinners only seems to drive them further into denial and anger. How did this evil homosexual empire get such a foothold in the Church and in all of society? I know that there are some people who have same-sex attractions and live quite good lives, but there are too many determined to gain power through deviant sexuality. We’ve all been attacked for saying anything for too long.

  17. It is obvious that the Catholic Church is about to undergo a belated cleansing. It is going to be painful for all of us who are going to “stay the course”. Thank you for this article!

  18. Thank you sir for taking such a strong stand on this issue and voicing what needed to be said. I am writing this with tears flowing down my face because my heart is breaking over this. I was blessed to be a cradle Catholic and I may not be the best but I am trying and this tragedy will not shake my faith. Please continue to blow the horn loudly for justice and TRUTH. May God bless you always.

  19. Ralph, Thank you! You might be interested in a pilgrimage to Akita, Japan that is scheduled for April 2019. Our Lady’s message to Sr. Agnes was indeed stern and warned of troubles in the Church.

  20. Thank you for being so forthright in describing the current state of the Church. It weighs on my heart heavily and how much I long for leadership… for good bishops and priests to take a stand. Where are they, and where is leadership from our Pope? It hurts me to my core.

  21. Thank you Scott for posting Ralph Martins letter. Your action makes it totally believable. Thank you both for giving it a great gut shot. Very informative and unfortunately also very sickening. This needs to be published in all USA Catholic news outlets. Any that do not should be immediately suspect.

  22. A good summary of the many scandals. This article by a priest explains how the cover-up happens. Also, another priest wrote that many times these homosexual predator priests go to confession to a good priest who then cannot breathe a word of it because of the seal of confession! His advice to fellow priests was that they should not hear the confessions of a fellow cleric who seems suspicious.

  23. The first time the news about a new sex scandal involving a high ranking priest in our Church came out, I prayed that it was fake news. This is so so sad… I am a secular OCDS Carmelite and one of our activities is holding vigil prayers specifically for priests, seminarians, and consecrated persons. I pray that this is the last scandal to rock our Church.

  24. Thank you, Thank you, thank you for this Ralph Martin!
    This is everything in a nutshell that has been weighing on my mind and heart. You put it all out on the table clearly and give us an overview that puts us in the saddle ready and armed for spiritual battle. Can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this article! God bless you my brother!!

  25. Thank you for your thoughts and efforts to help Catholics understand the serious issues of our church today. I fear for our church in Canada as at times it appears that we have scarcely any true Shepherds.

  26. Every bishop and cardinal should resign – The whole lot of them. Then we, the lay faithful, should choose our bishops and cardinals from the faith filled priests that work hard every day to bring us closer to Christ. Talk about a renewal! Also, when are we going to acknowledge the elephant in the room which is Vatican 2 and it’s heretical documents? Bring back true Catholicism! We are all starving for the true church to be restored!

  27. Ralph Martin you are truly a gift from God. Thank you for your courage for you knew how our hearts are broken over this latest Csrdiinal disgrace.

  28. I can tell you that in Quebec, teaching and homilies about sexual sins are far more permissive than in the US. As an exemple, in 40 years l’ve never heard a prayer during mass about the evil of abortion. You can easily see the result of this mess: 90% of the population was practicing catholics in the 60’s…now it is less than 5%….

  29. This scandal is not the only issue we face. The luke warm state of the church in the USA is feeding this crisis. This is only the symtom of the disease, the cancer is deep within. Te pastors do not feed their sheep, do not disciple, do not exhibit the fruit of the Holy Spirit, disregard the gifts and the anointing. In a parish where there are 6 priests, only 1 public Mass is said daily. Why do we need priests who do not wish to say Mass, but are only behaving like office managers of material resources. The rot is truly deep. Only the remnant carry the true faith and they are being suppressed daily by the clergy and the bishops. Zeal for my house consumes me, said the Lord. May the Lord deal with this swiftly with his judgement to protect the true believers!

  30. Amen, just simply amen to everything you wrote. The Catholic religion is great. The men running the Catholic church are dominated by agents of Satan. No pedophile should ever have the title Father, Bishop, or Cardinal. Ever. Strip them of it and give them convict numbers. We need Jesus to overturn the tables in the church and send the “money changers” to jail.

  31. I am glad this topic is being discussed. In order to move forward and clean the house of God, we need to expose and place people accountable. Not doing so, only opens the door for endless immorality. Sin is sin and one does not favor the other in God’s eyes. It’s sad to see it has been going on for such a long time, another reason for we parishioners to say “enough is enough” . And we want transparency in the church; from where the money goes to who gets appointed to what position. It’s not the church of the Pope, Cardinals Archbishops, or anyone else in leadership, but the church of God. As such, it must and will change. Keep praying for those who uphold the teachings of our beloved Father and the sinners among them.

  32. I will never leave the Roman Catholic church, even though I have been asked to do so many by my protestant friends. I simply tell them to show me a christian church whose leaders are completely free of any sin and I will be the first in line to join. While God hates the sin within …He loves us still and the foundation for our church will survive in spite of ourselves

  33. Thank you, Ralph for standing up for God’s truth! I heard you on The New Evangelization this AM. You gave your personal testimony, which is a thrill to hear! I am an 82 yr. old, who also had a similar exp. while kneeling on the kitchen floor wi my Mom, at the age of 8. Jesus became my PERSONAL Savior that day, & has been with me in all the ups & downs, always drawing me to Himself at every turn. He is so faithful!! Just now read this acct. of strife w.i. The Catholic Ch. Re Homosexualism. It is rampant in Protestant churches, as well! My brother was an ordained Luth. Pastor who left his beloved church where he had served as both a missionary in Brazil as well as sev. Congregations in US, when they voted to allow Homosexual Pastors & all that entails. I am now in an undenomination ch. that is very fundamental, but satisfies my needs for Truth preached in a clear & loving way, calling all to repentance & living to please the King of Kings! I love that one day John 17 will finally be fully in existence & we can all worship Him in Full Unity in heaven!

  34. What a great article! Thank you for your courage. I was raised in the post Vatican 2 Catholic Church. I’ve never heard a sermon calling for repentance of sexual sin. Never. Why? Some priests are engaged in it. Others don’t actually believe the teachings of Christ and the peddle the false mercy narrative. Some desire to get ahead and be promoted within the corrupt hierarchy. And others fear retailiaton from the social justice bishop in charge. Sad state of affairs. Praying for our Church…

  35. I don’t remember what year it was but at a meeting of the American bishops, Bishop Bruskowitz walked up to the microphone and asked (I don’t remember the exact words) when they were going to address the homosexual problem in the priesthood. There was dead silence. The bishop shook his head and walked away. The silence spoke volumes.

  36. You have given voice to my feelings of betrayal. In sadness I redouble my prayers. I believe truth will win. May we be comforted in our sorrow in the meantime. I still hear my Mom, “Offer it up.”

  37. Ralph I would feel much better if you gave more specific evidence. And less of “this is what someone said”. In every case you point to there are two sides to the story. I tend to agree that the overall picture is concerning because there is danger in even the appearance of scandal. But it needs to be kept in perspective. Many reading your article will be anxious to throw every priest and everyone connected with church in the same pot. The catholic church is huge, and it is made of people who are sinners. Society as a whole still has a much higher incidence of these problems. The Catholic Church does far better than average. I agree these things need to stop but false accusations are just as destructive as other sins. Also, we are all sinners and no sins should be condoned.

  38. Thank you so much for sharing the truth so we can all pray for a renewal of minds & hearts & trust in the Lord’s goodness & mercy & most of all forgiveness as we lift up all to heal in these times of our church. God bless you!

  39. Thank you, Ralph, for the clarity of your remarks. It still hurts and is difficult to face and hear, but like a festering sore that is causing pain and not responding to the band-aid being used to hide it, this whole festering mess needs to be lanced, cleansed and treated with the medicine of repentance and the balm of penance.

  40. In fairness to our young people, should the upcoming Synod of Bishops on youth, scheduled for October in the Vatican, not be postponed until a thorough investigation of remaining bishops is carried out?

  41. We must be brave and call the bishops and Pope to action. This scandal will continue to resurface over and over until there is a serious and significant change made in the church hierarchy and priest formation. As a convert to Catholicism it grieves me to see now that the warnings I received as a youth about Catholic priests were based on fact rather than bias.

  42. Thank you so much for this letter. I’ve been putting my trust in a statement I read somewhere to the effect that 96% of our clergy are not involved in this terrible situation, but how can 4% have caused so very much trouble? Satan’s power is terrifying.

  43. I am a convert to Catholicism, and I am frequently challenged by Protestant family members and friends who disagree with my decision to go to Rome. This kind of scandal makes it much harder for me to defend my Church (even to myself.)

  44. Thank you for shedding light on this dark dark situation. It’s more diabolical than I had ever imagined. It may help to remember: From a total of the Chosen 12, only one priest remained loyal to the End. Jesus began with a remnant. Two thousand years have passed, and His Church still prevails over the gates of Hell. We are fighting from Victory. He will provide all that is needed to accomplish His Work through us.

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