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Join us in a monthly rosary for Renewal Ministries’ mission work! Renewal Ministries’ supporters Mike and Kathleen O’Donnell have offered to lead a rosary over the phone on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. ET. We will pray for Renewal Ministries’ international mission trips for that month, and the outreach being done by Ralph Martin, Sr. Ann Shields, Peter Herbeck, Pete Burak, Dr. Mary Healy, and Debbie Herbeck. The first rosary will take place on June 6. The rosary for July will take place on the second Tuesday, July 11.

Kathleen said the Holy Spirit inspired her with the idea after hearing country coordinators discuss mission trips at the 2017 Gathering.

“While praying the rosary in my room, I thought about all the people that can’t go on a mission trip for various reasons. I was especially thinking about the missions to areas in which there is danger involved, and all the challenges faced by those trying to bring Christ or further the kingdom in these distant lands,” Kathleen said. “Since Mary is the vessel that brought and brings Jesus to others, I thought that, once a month, we could have a special conference call rosary to pray for the success and safety of the upcoming trips. I thought dedicated prayer for these trips would be helpful, because the enemy hates them, and I’m sure tries to lay plans to divert their success.”

The couple has been leading similar conference-call rosaries for individual’s intentions weekly for two-and-a-half years. Because of the nature of a conference call, and the time delays that can happen when people talk, Kathleen leads the prayer and others join in silently or by muting their phone so that they can pray out loud. Before each rosary, Kathleen shares different meditations on the mysteries being prayed that month. Participants are welcome to stay on the line for the entire rosary, or for as many decades as they have time for.

“A lot of people can’t go into the mission field, but everyone can pray,” Kathleen added. “When people join, they feel connected. That is a beautiful part of the fruit.”

To join in, simply make a phone call. Dial 712-775-7031 and enter code 665-735-271 #. If you call before the line is open, you will hear music playing. Please stay on the line until the rosary begins! The line usually opens at 7:25 p.m. ET.

You may join us for a decade or the entire rosary! It usually takes about twenty-five minutes to pray the whole rosary.

(This call is long distance, unless you are using a plan with unlimited long distance or a cell phone.)

Thank you to Kathleen and to all who pray for Renewal Ministries and our mission work! Your prayers bear untold fruit!

(If you are interested in the rosary Kathleen leads every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. ET, simply follow the directions above to join in! If you would like her to include your intentions, please email them to her by noon on Wednesday, at [email protected])

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  1. Secondly, the Feast is significant because Our Lady through the Rosary preserved so many tenacious adherents to the devotion through difficult years and, as if rewarding them with fruits for their labors, the traditional Mass was once again made available to many of them and to some the traditional Mass was made available through the ministry of the Fraternity.

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