Malaysia is Waking Up!

Sr Emmanual in Malaysia2
Photo courtesy of Sr. Emmanuel Maillard.

The following account first appeared in Sr. Emmanuel Maillard’s December 2016 newsletter from Medjugorje. It also was reprinted in Renewal Ministries’ March 2017 newsletter. Ralph Martin said of it, “What an amazing account of God’s action, written by our good friend! Read it and be inspired, be very inspired!”

In November, I went to Malaysia for a wonderful mission in the Kota Kinabalu region. In the town of Ranau, there is a parish, and its priest, Father Nick, is crazy about Baby Jesus. This sparked a movement among the families, who wanted to receive the statue of the Baby Jesus for twenty-four hours and honor Him. As a result of the many miracles and conversions happening in people’s homes, Father Nick had to reduce the amount of time each family could keep the statue to one hour, so as to satisfy all the requests.  It was so successful! And because the requests kept flowing in, he decided to build a little Sanctuary to shelter Baby Jesus. That way, everyone could come and worship the Baby. Because he knew about our connection with the Child Jesus and the presence in our garden of a life-size manger, Father Nick waited for me to come, before he consecrated this Sanctuary.

And that’s not all. A week before the closing of the Holy Door in his church, a woman arrived in a wheelchair to pass through the Door and obtain the grace of the Jubilee. For a long time, she was paralyzed and hemiplegic, not to mention all the other illnesses that caused her much suffering. As she left the church through this blessed Door, she began to walk! She still does! The news of the miracle spread like wildfire. The very next day, thousands of pilgrims showed up to pass through the Holy Door. Providence permitted me to arrive at that precise moment! When I addressed this crowd to share the messages of Mary, there were about 20,000 people from all over the country.

After I spoke, they bombarded me with questions about the messages, so we spent several hours together. Interestingly about eighty percent of these people were young. I told them that in Europe, such a meeting such would probably consist of eighty percent of elderly people. They laughed, but it’s not funny! At Easter, Father Nick baptized 234 adults, and that is not counting the children. In Europe, we might have as many as three or four . . . Lord, have mercy!

As if that’s not enough . . . Father Nick, anxious to give his flock a good Catholic formation, decided to have them renew their baptismal promises.  He knew that, for these simple people, a hands-on experience is more important than words, so he built a one-foot deep pool, with three steps down; he filled it with water and made them walk across it while repeating their Baptismal Promises. The Lord confirmed that the idea came from Him, because miracles occurred immediately. One man had a hand that was completely paralyzed, but as he stepped out of the water, he was waving his hand around with amazement. “He has healed me!” he cried. Another was almost completely blind. As he was coming out of the water, he started shouting: “I can see clearly, I can see!” I willingly went to renew my own promises, knowing that, according to exorcists like Don Amorth, this prayer is an excellent way of casting out demons. And we have too many of those in our world! May this idea be looked at!

I thank each of you for your support through prayer, worship, fasting, and sacrifices offered for these missions. When you get to heaven, you’ll see what you have obtained and you will not be disappointed!