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Spreading the Gospel in Ethiopia

University students were each given a Bible blessed by Bishop Scott McCaig and Bishop Lesanu.

The following article, written by Renewal Ministries’ Country Coordinator Nancy Greenhaw, originally appeared in Renewal Ministries’ June 2018 newsletter.

In Ethiopia, Catholics are less than one percent of the population and are very persecuted. Nevertheless, the bishop of Bahir Dar, Bishop Lesanu, gathered nearly one hundred eager college students for our first set of workshops, which will be the focus of this report. Bishop Scott McCaig and Companions of the Cross seminarian Marcus Schonnop, who has finished six years of seminary, joined our team.

It was impressive to see Bishop Scott wear his black long clerics to match Bishop Lesanu, who interpreted for him and also gave teachings. Bishop Scott told them,

“Jesus is still concerned for the poor, saving souls, and healing the sick, but He only has your hands, your feet, and your voice.”

Marcus also riveted the students with his testimony. This young priest-to-be shocked them by saying he had been an atheist! His roommate in college was an informed, serious, and joyful Catholic. During the three years that Marcus tried to prove his friend wrong, Marcus came to know and understand the truth of Jesus and the Catholic Church. He was in Adoration one evening, and after seeking the Lord with his head for all that time, Marcus came to know Jesus in his heart. Marcus challenged the students to be strong witnesses of their faith to all they meet at the university, because like him, many are searching for the truth.

We later realized that Bishop Scott, Marcus, and Lloyd were all converts to the faith and originally the only Catholics in their own families! Now Marcus’ parents are Catholic as well.

One day, Bishop Lesanu and Lloyd taught as a team on apologetics. It was a great mixture; you could witness both men getting more excited to be Catholic as they preached! The students had many questions, and Bishop Scott stepped in to give clear, concise answers that prompted more questions. These young people were hungry for the truth of their faith!

On another day, Bishop Scott talked to the students about the importance of Mass and how we enter into holiness through sacraments and prayer, especially the rosary. He stressed that we will not grow without a personal prayer life. He said the best way to grow in faith is to pray with Scriptures every day.

Marcus then taught on Lectio Divina. He said to ask the Holy Spirit, “What is going on?”—and then we can talk honestly, and Scripture will speak to our hearts. He told a personal story about asking the Lord how to obtain more holiness. The Lord took him to the story of David and Goliath, in which David had five smooth stones. In meditation, God said to Marcus that the five stones were: prayer, sacraments, the rosary, fasting, and community. The kids loved it!

Our next talks were with “One Year for Jesus” missionaries—a group that included seven seminarians. Last year, Bishop Lesanu had only one seminarian! Before my talk on the Five Keys to spiritual freedom, Bishop Scott gave a testimony about how, during his time as an exorcist, he only had to use the ritual of exorcism very rarely, because by taking people through Unbound’s Five Keys, almost everybody was set free. He explained:

It was only in the most severe cases that I had to use the ritual of exorcism. Unbound ministry’s Five Keys are basic biblical principles, and by applying them to people who have been demonized, it is remarkable how powerful they are. I encourage you to really internalize what you’re hearing and learn how to lead someone to faith and how to make a good repentance.

Learn what it means to forgive from the heart and how to teach that to others. Learn what it means to renounce evil by name, to understand your authority that you have received from Jesus to tell demons to go, and to pray blessings into people’s lives—to restore and heal what has been broken and distorted. You will discover, as I have, that it does wonders in people’s lives. It sets them free and gives them tools to set others free. Even when we had to use the ritual of exorcism, all we did was weaken the demon to the point that the person could cooperate with Unbound; then we were able to close the entry points and push the enemy away.

This is not just a tool for ministry or deliverance. This is a way of living out your own life, because we are called by the Lord to live with faith, repent of our sins, forgive our enemies, renounce evil, destroy the works of the enemy and live under the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

I use these principles in my own life very often.

If somebody treats me poorly, attacks me, or says bad words about me, and I feel anger rising up inside of me, I stop and walk through the Five Keys. In faith, I declare,

‘I’m here to work for You, Jesus. I’m here for Your favor, Jesus, not theirs. I repent of the anger and the hatred that’s going through my heart right now.’

‘I forgive this man, and I pray Your blessings upon him. I release him to You. I forgive him with all my heart. I renounce the evil and anger and all of the evil spirits behind it. I renounce the spirit of vengeance and all evil spirits associated with them. I renounce the spirit of self-hatred and all evil spirits associated with it, in the name of Jesus Christ. I command all those spirits that I have renounced to get out of here now.’

‘In Jesus name, I pray for a blessing: “Lord give me the grace to love this person, give me the grace to love my enemy like You command in the Gospel. Help me to be humble, kind, and gentle. Help me to treat them fairly, to be long-suffering, and to win them over with love.’

I cannot recommend the Five Keys strongly enough.

We departed for home feeling that the Lord had been with us throughout our trip, accomplishing His will and plan. I think the Lord is opening doors in Ethiopia!

*For more on the Five Keys, check out the book Unbound»







Mary, Prophet and Star of the New Evangelization

We are sharing Bishop Scott McCaig’s talk from the 2017 Lift Jesus Higher Rally in Toronto, Ontario, in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima today! Bishop Scott McCaig discussed how, “just as dawn reveals exactly where the sun will rise, Mary points us perfectly to Jesus.” His entire talk can be viewed in the above video.

“Mary is the white dawn who leads us to Jesus, the Everlasting Day,” he said.

Bishop Scott clarified that devotions to Mary and the Holy Spirit are not separate: “When the Holy Spirit and Mary come together, you get Jesus. . . . St. Louis deMontfort said, ‘When the Holy Spirit recognizes Mary in a soul, He flies to that soul.”

“Being fully Catholic means being Marian and being filled with the Holy Spirit—just like she is,” he added. “At Christ’s passion, we see her unite her suffering to His for the good of souls. How completely she abandons herself to God, without reserve! At Christ’s death, she is magnanimous, giving up her only treasure, for love of us.”

Bishop Scott also discussed Marian apparitions in modern times—like Fatima. He concluded, “Do you get the impression that someone is trying to get our attention? This whisper from heaven has become a shout!”

“To believers: Sacrifice yourself for sinners. Pray for healing, but if that cup of suffering does not pass you by, use it, don’t waste it,” he added. “We’re the mystical body—it’s through us that the message of beauty, joy and salvation can be communicated to the world.”

God Bless Bishop Scott McCaig!


By Ralph Martin

I just returned from Ottawa, where Fr. Scott McCaig, the general moderator of the Companions of the Cross, was ordained as a bishop for the Military Ordinariate of Canada. As many of you know, Bishop Scott is on Renewal Ministries’s Canadian Board of Directors, and for years now, he has participated in a significant way in our mission work, particularly in Africa. It was such a joy to hear of his appointment and to be able to attend his ordination and the events accompanying it.

Peter Herbeck, Sr. Ann Shields, and I traveled up to Ottawa for the events and were joined by Chairman of our Canadian Board Msgr. Greg Smith and Canadian Board Member Fr. James Mallon.

The events began with a dinner for family and friends of Bishop Scott, including all the members of the Companions, who with seminarians and sisters, now number about sixty. One special moment during the dinner was when Bishop Scott specially honored Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw for their inspiration in his life. Bishop Scott and the Greenhaws have been on many mission trips together. Lloyd and Nancy, as many of you know, are some of our busiest missionaries. They arrived in Ottawa directly from Uganda, where they had just led hundreds of seminarians into a deeper relationship with the Lord and the Holy Spirit, thanks to Renewal Ministries’ supporters.

The next evening was the ordination itself—at the very beautiful cathedral for the Archdiocese of Ottawa—resided over by Archbishop Terry Prendergast, and assisted by the outgoing bishop for the military ordinariate and Bishop Christian Reisbeck, another member of the Companions, who was made an auxiliary bishop for the archdiocese a few years ago. The papal nuncio to Canada was also there. The ceremony was beautiful and very moving. A highpoint for us was when they held the book of the Gospels over Bishop Scott’s head and slathered his head with the anointing chrism! Another highpoint was when Archbishop Prendegast took Bishop Scott by the arm and led him all around the cathedral to prolonged cheers of the congregation.

The next morning, Bishop Scott took possession of his home base “cathedral”—actually the armed forces chapel on an Ottawa military base.

Both in his remarks at the end of the ordination the night before and in his homily the next morning, Bishop Scott made it clear that he was going to continue to preach the Gospel just as boldly as a bishop as he had when he was a priest on mission with us. After his ordination, he proclaimed in his remarks: “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul!”

There was a lot of joy this week in Ottawa! Thank you Lord, for Bishop Scott. Please protect him, continue to empower him, and give him the wisdom and courage he needs to continue to advance your kingdom!

Peter Herbeck, Ralph Martin, Bishop Scott McCaig, and Nancy and Lloyd Greenhaw