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The Lord Sends Us Forth: ‘Do Not be Afraid’

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The following word was shared by Peter Thompson at Renewal Ministries’ 2016 Country Coordinators’ meeting.

Apostasy, apostasy, rebellion, hatred. These foul fruits rear their evil heads, demoralizing, entangling, suffocating My people. Nations that once were faithful, nations that once were a fount of saints have rejected truth. Rejected My name. Yes, My name—the only name that can save them from the wrath of my Father.

Even now I hold back His wrath. I  cry out for mercy, mercy upon my people. Yes, even though they have turned away from My light, entangling themselves in the enemy’s lies and deceits. A thick cobweb of vices, weeds, have grown up even in the midst of my Church.

But I say to you, I  have sent you forth into ever deeper waters to bring hope to the nations. You have been amazed at the fruits of your labors under My power. You have seen My mighty hand working in ways that you have not expected. You, however, are in danger of taking for granted that your ministry in My name will always bear fruit. I  have rejoiced with you in seeing many return to Me—in seeing those lost returning to Me. But now, my sons and daughters, I desire to send you forth into ever-deeper waters, where the enemy even now lurks , thinking that the victory is won. That I am at last defeated. Where I desire to take you will hold many dangers, but know that I am with you.

Yes, some of you will experience hardship, injury, and apparent failure, for I desire that you listen carefully and allow my Spirit to lead you to places that you would rather not go.

I will send you into places where my light has all but been extinguished. You will be despised and hated, for the light I will shed through you will be as burning fire—excruciating to those who have embraced hatred and darkness. Do not be afraid. For it is I who go before you. It is I who send you forth. It is I who will speak truth through you.

I am Lord. Lord of all. So be meek and humble, malleable in My hands, so that I may work in and through you to restore nations now lost.