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Friends of Food for the Journey


Have you heard about Friends of Food for the Journey? You can learn more about it here. Below is a small excerpt from the first email message Sr. Ann will be sending to her supporters, on Jan. 1. (Although new subscribers may receive the letter slightly after that date.) If you would like to help support Sr. Ann’s work and receive a monthly email message from her, please sign up today!

Here we are—January 1, 2017—a new year! When we think of new, we usually apply that word to a new dress, suit, shoes, new car, phone, furniture, house, office, church . . . (add your own examples). But when Scripture uses the word new, it has an infinitely deeper meaning. New means “never having been seen before.” God makes all things new. He doesn’t just spruce something up or modify or create a new model of some sort. When God creates, the fruit of that creation is something never having been seen before.

. . . each of us is created to show forth a particular aspect of the beauty and wisdom, the love and the mercy that is God. We are truly God’s children and each of us is made in His image and likeness.  How does God wish to reveal Himself through you? Start by thinking of one strength, quality, gift you have and then simply ask God to show you how He wants to reveal Himself through the gift or quality He has given you. . . .

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FFJ SEQUENCE – Veni, Sancte Spiritus

Come, Holy Spirit, come!
And from your celestial home
                Shed a ray of light divine!
Come, Father of the poor!
Come, source of all our store!
                Come, within our bosoms shine.
You, of comforters the best;
You, the soul’s most welcome guest;
                Sweet refreshment here below;
In our labor, rest most sweet;
Grateful coolness in the heat;
                Solace in the midst of woe.
O most blessed Light divine,
Shine within these hearts of yours,
                And our inmost being fill!
Where you are not, we have naught,
Nothing good in deed or thought,
                Nothing free from taint of ill.
Heal our wounds, our strength renew;
On our dryness pour your dew;
                Wash the stains of guilt away:
Bend the stubborn heart and will;
Melt the frozen, warm the chill;
                Guide the steps that go astray.
On the faithful, who adore
And confess you, evermore
                In your sevenfold gift descend;
Give them virtue’s sure reward;
Give them your salvation, Lord;
                Give them joys that never end. Amen.

The Scripture Passage that Most Affected Your Life

Those who have been listening to Food for the journey regularly know that we are in the middle of a project. Listeners have been asked for the last six months, to jot down the date of the program and the Scripture passage that most affected their lives. Now we move on to the next step!


List the scripture passage that most touched your heart. In the first paragraph tell me how that scripture challenged you or convicted you or comforted you—that is, gave you new hope or peace or an understanding of the truth contained in the passage.
Second paragraph: tell me how that word of God is working in your life now. How has it changed you in an ongoing way? How is your life different because you let that word take root in your heart?
Send your two paragraph summary to Sister Ann Shields, SGL, Food for the Journey, P.O. Box 1426, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Please do not email your summary!

Sister Ann Shields
“Forget not love.”