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How Mary Changed My Life

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This post originally appeared on i.d.9:16’s blog.

By Ali Hoffman

Coming to the Catholic Church after growing up in the Protestant tradition for the majority of my life, there were a few Catholic teachings that I had a hard time wrapping my head around.

“Wait, that’s REALLY the Body, Blood, SOUL and DIVINITY of JESUS CHRIST!?”

“Hold up, I have to say WHAT to a guy in a collar!?”

“Waaaaaait a minute, Mary is my Mother as well!? If I love her, I won’t be able to love Jesus!”

Seriously, that last one I thought about for a long time. For some reason, the idea of allowing Mary into my life as my Mother and letting her love me felt like I was betraying Jesus. It almost felt as if I was elevating Mary into the position of my Savior. I knew she was important (after all, of ALL the women in the world, God chose Mary – that’s pretty significant), but I wanted to keep her at arm’s length because I was scared of her.

It wasn’t until I did a year of missionary work with NET Ministries, and was placed on a team of 11 other wonderful young adults, that I learned how gentle and loving Mary is and how her whole role in my life was to constantly point me back to her Son.

I’m not a Marian expert in the least, but I have come to know and love the role she plays in my life and how I aspire to love Jesus as perfectly as she did. Below are three reasons why I love Mary:

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Mary, Prophet and Star of the New Evangelization

We are sharing Bishop Scott McCaig’s talk from the 2017 Lift Jesus Higher Rally in Toronto, Ontario, in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima today! Bishop Scott McCaig discussed how, “just as dawn reveals exactly where the sun will rise, Mary points us perfectly to Jesus.” His entire talk can be viewed in the above video.

“Mary is the white dawn who leads us to Jesus, the Everlasting Day,” he said.

Bishop Scott clarified that devotions to Mary and the Holy Spirit are not separate: “When the Holy Spirit and Mary come together, you get Jesus. . . . St. Louis deMontfort said, ‘When the Holy Spirit recognizes Mary in a soul, He flies to that soul.”

“Being fully Catholic means being Marian and being filled with the Holy Spirit—just like she is,” he added. “At Christ’s passion, we see her unite her suffering to His for the good of souls. How completely she abandons herself to God, without reserve! At Christ’s death, she is magnanimous, giving up her only treasure, for love of us.”

Bishop Scott also discussed Marian apparitions in modern times—like Fatima. He concluded, “Do you get the impression that someone is trying to get our attention? This whisper from heaven has become a shout!”

“To believers: Sacrifice yourself for sinners. Pray for healing, but if that cup of suffering does not pass you by, use it, don’t waste it,” he added. “We’re the mystical body—it’s through us that the message of beauty, joy and salvation can be communicated to the world.”