Trust God will Bring Growth in His Time

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The following post was written by Butch Murphy, Renewal Ministries’ country coordinator to Mexico, who recently was named president of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS). Congratulations, Butch!

I don’t know about the rest of the human race, but sometimes I get a bit discouraged when I don’t see any results from a lot of effort put forth.

I found great comfort in something I read recently.

In a remote region of Japan, there is a unique bamboo plant, valued for both its size and strength. The plant is cultivated by the people for the wood it produces. A small piece of the plant is buried in the ground, and watered, and nurtured. However, no results are seen from these efforts for quite some time, because the plant experiences no growth for about five years! Then, in that fifth year, growth begins . . . at a rate up to three feet a day! Within a few weeks, it becomes one of the largest bamboos that exists!

The example of this bamboo plant can be a very good reminder to us, in ministry or in our personal growth. I think we often ask ourselves, “Where is the growth? Where are the results?” We need to remember that our timeline is not always the same as God’s. Perhaps there is something deep, something profound, taking place—something we ourselves are not aware of. Let’s not give up hope! Let’s continue on the journey, trusting that God will bring the growth in His time and in His way.

Who knows . . . perhaps you are drawing close to your fifth year!

Keep trusting . . . keep growing!

2 thoughts on “Trust God will Bring Growth in His Time

  1. I am in a renewal of my Spirit. God has been at work in my heart through the Holy Mass, the Bible, Catholic radio and my friends.
    I identify with the bamboo plant and how it develops a root system to support the tall growth of the tree.
    I look back in my life and see God at work in my life even though I was blind to his works.
    Thank you for your Faith in God and your Ministry!

  2. I think of different “Words from Scripture” in support of the “bamboo plant.” “Pray always! Never lose heart (Luke18:1)
    “Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things unseen……….Hebrews11:1 and of course, many other verses. Also, it is human nature to want to see immediate “success” in everything and especially in “our efforts.” It’s Amazing how the Lord trains us to rely less and less on “ourselves” so we rely more and more on “Him.” We will become like the “Saints” who Loved God for Himself and grew to not be “discouraged” but gave both “success” and “failure” to Him.

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