Tibi Majoros was born in Hungary under Communism, and grew up without any faith. In 1989, at the age of 29, he met the Lord and became very active in his Catholic faith. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Greek-Catholic pastoral theology. In 1995, he married Martha. They currently live in Oradea, Romania, with their three boys.

Tibi is the founder of the community of St. Paul Oradea and the administrator of Foundation Missio. He is also the former president of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Transylvania and the former promoter of Radio Maria Transylvania.

Tibi began collaborating with Renewal Ministries in 1998, promoting and pioneering the work of evangelization in Hungary and Romania. Tibi has organized evangelistic events, Holy Spirit seminars, youth camps, retreats and rallies, and has worked in the renewal to help to form young leaders.