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Under the blessing of the local Church leadership, Renewal Ministries has served in more than fifty countries on six continents around the world, helping people encounter Jesus and grow in holiness through:

  • Evangelization Rallies
  • Healing and Deliverance “Prayer Ministry” and Workshops
  • Lay Leadership Training
  • Youth Camps
  • Conferences and Retreats for Priests, Religious, Seminarians, and Lay Leaders
  • Corporal Works of Mercy
  • Parish Missions

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About fifty people attended our week-long young adult workshop focused on Christian growth and maturity, as well as prayer for baptism in the Holy Spirit. Team member Elizabeth Molbert shared about her experience:
“The words that come to my mind about it are ‘chains broken,’ ‘hearts healed,’ and ‘fires lit.’

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“It is hard to describe the joy people have when they move from an old house of rusted tin and tarps to a beautiful, four-room, hurricane-resistant home!”

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“I must confess that I formerly had doubts about the effectiveness of ministering on the Internet, but I’m glad I organized the retreat. It might even be my proudest accomplishment of the year…

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