Game Changer: Evangelization needs the Holy Spirit!

“Why is it that so many of us eagerly search for handbooks and training on evangelization . . . yet in many places and in many hearts, evangelization is spinning its wheels? What does it mean that, while we grasp the supreme importance of leading people to Christ, we often lack either the motivation or the power necessary to actually do it?”

i.d.9:16 Director Pete Burak explains why and how to tap into the divine power source in his new booklet. Read it, and your efforts to share the faith with others will never be the same!

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Read about Pete’s reasons for writing Game Changer here.


i.d.9:16 | Let's Get Started!

Fr. John Ricardo recently encouraged i.d.9:16 members with these words:

What is the single most important thing you and I can do to evangelize? Meet Him.

That is i.d.9:16’s goal—to help young adults meet Christ, hear His call, and decide to follow Him. We want to help parishes raise up young adult communities of missionary disciples.

Does your parish share this goal? Do you want to join with us on this mission? If you are interested in forming a new chapter or engaging young adults, contact us: www.id916.com/newchapter

Mexico Mission Trip

This video captures the 2016 Renewal Ministries' mission to Mexico with a group of seniors from Father Gabriel Richard High School (FGRHS) in Ann Arbor. While there, students ministered to the impoverished in a garbage dump, an orphanage, and a senior men's facility. They also visited the Shrine of Guadalupe.

Renewal Ministries makes multiple missions to Mexico each year, including one geared to young adults, and other missions open to all team members. Medical personnel are welcome on these missions and serve those living in the dump through an on-site primary care medical clinic.

Mexico Mission Page

Forever Grateful for Mercy

Do we really understand what mercy is? Do we understand that without this gift of God's love, made possible by Jesus giving His life on the Cross, we all deserve death? In his latest booklet, Ralph Martin explains that mercy is a dimension of love that demands our response in order for it to bear fruit in our lives.

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Also be sure to check out Ralph's booklet The Final Confrontation - over 60,000 copies sold!

Congratulations to Bishop Scott McCaig, CC!

Renewal Ministries’ Canadian Board Member Fr. Scott McCaig, CC, recently was ordained Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada!

For many years, Bishop Scott has participated in a significant way in our mission work, particularly in Africa. Ralph Martin, Peter Herbeck, and Sr. Ann Shields traveled to Ottawa for the events and were joined by Canadian Board Chairman Msgr. Greg Smith and Canadian Board Member Fr. James Mallon.

God bless you, Bishop Scott!

Click here to read Ralph Martin's thoughts on the ordination

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The Mercy of God and the Joy Repentance Brings

How do we live so that God’s “joy may be in [us] and [our] joy may be full?”(Jn 15: 11) In this booklet, Sister Ann Shields, SGL, uses Scripture to describe the intimate relationship between repentance and joy. Repentance allows us to receive God’s mercy; it opens the floodgates of His grace—and sets us on a sure path to discovering the joy God intends for each one of us.

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Renewal Ministries Blog

Ralph Martin Appears on ‘Bookmark Brief’

Ralph Martin will be appearing on EWTN Bookmark soon to discuss The Fulfillment of All Desire! Until then, you can catch a sneak-peek of the interview with Doug Keck on Bookmark Brief! This book, which draws from the wisdom of seven Doctors of the Church to help us better understand how to progress in the spiritual life and advance […]

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Make Loving Relationships Your Priority

Dr. Bob Horton leads a soil physics research and teaching program at Iowa State University and is a long-time Renewal Ministries’ supporter, friend, and mission team member. He recently wrote an article for CSA News, the official magazine for members of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, on a rather […]

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