Prophesy given by Lavinia Spirito, May 2015

The path before you is hard, but it is straight. It is perilously narrow, but it leads to glory.

Will you back down, my people?

Will you back down when the world shirks and disregards you?

I set before you this day two paths: a blessing and a curse. Life or death.

Choose you then life, my people.

Fear not. Be not timid or afraid. All is supplied, all is ready.

My kingdom is here.

Prophesies given by Peter Thompson, May 2015

(Dan 4:32 – All who live on the earth are counted as nothing.)

Every breath, every heartbeat, every morsel of food, every drop of water. All that is comes from me, from my hand that feeds you, sustains you, nourishes you.

You are nothing, without me you are not.

It is I who AM, that sustains you.

Once you embrace this truth, then I, who AM, can accomplish that which I planned for you.

For it is I who called you forth (Jn 15:16). It is I who planted the first seed that stirred your heart to seek me. The seed I planted in your heart, I rejoiced to see burst forth and bear fruit. But now I ask you to examine carefully who you are in me. For I see complacency. I see overconfidence (Is 32:9) and a return to trusting in yourself, in your own strength, in your own prowess.

Remember when I stirred the depths of your soul and a new dawn encompassed your life. A hunger for me, a hunger for my word, a hunger that was only satisfied as you immersed yourself in my love.

You have allowed that love to cool, to dwindle. The ardor of love has been overshadowed by the cares and confusion of the world.

Return to me, you who are nothing, for without me, you will surely perish. It is I who loves you. It is I who created you. It is I who paid the price that you could not pay.

Come to me, return to me with all your heart, for I have yet to accomplish in you all that I have planned for you.

(Sirach 50:16-21)

I desire a people of one heart, a people who will praise with one voice. I desire a people who will shake the heavens with a mighty voice of praise.

You my children, join your voices to the vast throng who surround my throne. Join your voices with those who have persevered and stand with me. Your voices, your hearts united with my heart, with my voice will bring fear into the hearts of those who despise me.

(Dan 5:25-28 – Mene, Tekel, Parsin)

With my hand I wrote upon the stone wall, Mene, Tekel, Parsin.

Yes, my children, the world you now see is as those same words.

To the world under Satan’s dominion, I say “Mene”. Your days are numbered.

To the world under Satan’s dominion, I say “Tekel”. I have weighed you on the scales of justice and I find you wanting.

To the world under Satan’s dominion, I say “Parsin”. You who are divided, you will surely perish.

But to you, my children, I give to you three words. I write them on the walls of your hearts.

To you I give Faith. With this you will remain strong and overcome every attack upon your hearts.

To you I write Hope. With Hope you will be secure and come to the place that you hope for.

To you I give Love. In love which overcomes all I will give victory.