Catholic Teacher Fired After Sharing Ralph Martin’s Letter

Joan Simon at St. Dominic Academy. Photo from Life Site News.

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By Doug Mainwaring

A Catholic school religion teacher has been fired for sharing an article with her students and their parents mentioning the “homosexual scandal” involved in the clerical sex abuse crisis written by a highly respected, orthodox Catholic theology professor, Dr. Ralph Martin.

Joan Simon, a veteran Catholic school religion teacher with more than forty years of experience was informed October 9 — on her first day back to work from disability — that she had to either resign or be fired for disseminating the letter, apparently because administration at St. Dominic Academy in Jersey City, New Jersey, found it to be at odds with their beliefs.

The article, titled, Dear Troubled Catholics, penned by Martin eloquently and powerfully expresses the disturbed shock of many at the grave, mostly homosexual scandals rocking the Church right now. At one point, Martin writes:

And how long can Church officials speak about the “positive values” of “irregular relationships” until the average Catholic comes to believe that we no longer believe the words of Jesus that fornicators, adulterers, and those who actively practice homosexuality will not enter the kingdom of God unless they repent? How many still believe that there is really a hell and that, unless we repent from such serious sins before we die, we will go there? Have we ever heard from leading churchmen, even in Rome, in recent years, that adultery, fornication and homosexual relations are not only “irregular,” but gravely sinful?

Simon was stunned to be told that the letter was cause for her dismissal.  The school’s administrators insisted that, according to Simon, the letter was “not the Catholic Church’s teaching.”

“The head of the school, Sarah Degnan Moje, said she refused to believe that [Martin’s article] was Catholic and then said the school’s philosophy is ‘first Dominican and then Catholic,’” Simon told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview.

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4 thoughts on “Catholic Teacher Fired After Sharing Ralph Martin’s Letter

  1. I am not surprised that she was fired as many Catholic Schools are that in name only.The enemy has been at work in every area of our Church. For years they have taught watered down morality. In many areas those who are serious about their children learning their Catholic faith and can afford Catholic Schools opt for
    homeschool instead. Those who have a true Catholic School in their area are really blessed.

  2. What a great witness Ms. Simon is…May the Lord Jesus pour out His strength and blessing upon her! Unfortunately, this is a sign of our times. There is a complete and utter lack of faith everywhere and a true darkening has descended upon those who have not responded to the Truth. It is evident in every corner of the church, our community, and the world as a whole. I truly feel that we are in the midst of The Great Apostasy. But I am excited to see what the Lord Jesus is doing in the world…for I see great men and women answering the call to draw closer to Christ and I truly see a GREAT time of witness about to explode in the power of the Spirit! May Jesus Christ be Praised!

  3. What can regular laypersons do to protest this homosexual cover up by Pope Francis? I am broken-hearted and very angry. I am 72 and had 16 years of Catholic education. Our family has poured much money into the Catholic Church. I don’t think that Pope Francis is up to the task.

  4. This is so serious that I am scandalized. I believe the Church will prevail against” the gates of hell” according to the promise of Jesus Christ Himself (Matt 16: 18)

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