Proclaiming the Gospel
Around the World

To help people around the world to encounter Jesus, grow in holiness and become intentional disciples, Renewal Ministries conducts large evangelization rallies, healing and deliverance workshops, leadership training and youth camps, as well as conferences and retreats for priests, religious, and lay leaders. We are currently working in more than thirty countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, the Middle East, Mexico, and North and South America. We operate under the blessing of the local bishops and work in conjunction with local Catholic leaders. These missions have helped thousands be renewed in their faith and many more come to know the saving love of Jesus for the first time.

The mission trips are typically one- to three-weeks long. The rallies, conferences, retreats, and training seminars usually include talks, prayer ministry, liturgy, testimonies, and worship. Most missions have a Charismatic dimension, but are intended to be an event for the whole Church.



The primary role of the mission team member is to participate in prayer ministry in the context of the events mentioned above. Those in attendance are invited to receive more of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit through prayer ministry. Team members may also have an opportunity to share their testimonies, and to help in other capacities as needed. The mission teams include people of all ages and vocations—lay, clergy, and religious who feel a call to mission.

Medical Mission Opportunities

Renewal Ministries conducts medical/evangelistic mission trips to Mexico City to minister to the impoverished, elderly, and orphaned. This is an opportunity for medical professionals and others who feel called to works of mercy to use their talents to serve the poor in practical ways.

Our mission trips to Haiti also minister to the poor through food distribution, visiting orphanages, and proclaiming the Gospel to prisoners.

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