Renewal Ministries has continued to conduct annual outreaches to the East African country of Tanzania over the past several years. Working hand-in-hand with a number of very faithful lay brothers and sisters, and often with participation of the priests and bishops, our outreach has been extended to twelve of the thirty-two dioceses within the country. Events include retreats for priests and religious sisters, workshops, large outdoor Catholic rallies, and pro-life and healing and deliverance workshops. Our mission teams are usually made up of ten to fifteen members from North America and sometimes other nations.

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“One highlight was a large-scale, outdoor rally. People came by the thousands, often walking great distances . . . As is often the case, this was the first time such a rally had been presented in these towns. People came with faith and expectancy. That’s pretty much all they have, but somehow, it’s enough.”

// Tom Edwards, Tanzania Country Coordinator

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Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards

Czech Republic Slovakia Tanzania

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