i.d.9:16 recently shared this blog post by Joey McCoy:


What thing – if you lost it – could almost mean that you would lose the will to live? What thing – if you lost it – could mean that almost all significance and value would be drained from your life? (Tim Keller)

We all have something like that. The Bible calls these things idols. Counterfeit gods. A pseudo-salvation. An idol is anything we rest our heart in more than God. An idol is anything that comes before God in how we view our identity, self-worth or significance. Therefore, idols are all good things that are turned into ultimate things; good things, but loved out of order to God. (Incidentally this is how St. Augustine defined sin: “Disordered love.”) And because they bear the weight of a love they aren’t intended to, idols will always break our hearts.


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