A group of Renewal Ministries’ employees have formed a study group to read Ralph Martin’s The Fulfillment of All Desire using this book.  The study group has been very fruitful! One member shared this poem at a recent meeting, in relation to a discussion. We pray it blesses you as it has blessed us.

By St. Mother Teresa

God speaks in the silence of the heart, and we listen.
And then we speak to God from the fullness of our heart.
First we listen, and God speaks. And then we speak, and God listens.
And that connection is prayer, is oneness with God.

The fruit of prayer is deepening of faith.
The fruit of faith is love.
The fruit of love is service.
And the fruit of service is peace.

That’s why we need to pray to have a clean heart.
When we have a clean heart, we can see God,
And when we see God, naturally we begin to love one another.

That means we see and we look, and then we give our hands
To serve and our hearts to love, and that’s the beginning of holiness.