The following post recently appeared in the blog for Be Love Revolution.

By Claire Vogel

Each and every one of us, whether we know it or not, possesses that inexplicable God-shaped hole in our hearts. Most people know it’s there, and some try to ignore it. Some pour other things in—oh, it’s filled with all kinds of things! Oodles of money. Unspeakable fame. Popularity. Gilmore Girls. And as certainly as if you poured concrete into your lungs to compensate for your need for air, you’re gonna drown that way.

The point of the God-shaped hole, interestingly enough, is that only God can fill it. A word of warning: once you discover the truth of this phenomenon, your life will most likely be thereafter consumed with the burning desire to fill it the right way, right away, and this process is pretty much going to take up your whole life. Thanks to the good people who’ve figured this out, we are surrounded by a living, active God, at work in the world and residing in those watchful, open hearts. And we, the generation of right now, are the ones responsible for giving Christ a place to reside here on earth. Without our open hearts He just can’t do His thing.

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