This post originally appeared on i.d.9:16’s blog.

By Ali Hoffman

I hate New Year’s resolutions. I’m horrible at them. For me, they fade away into oblivion sometime mid-February (or let’s be real, mid-January) and overall I feel like a failure even when it hasn’t even hit March yet. Ugh, anyone with me? So, as 2017 rapidly approached, I wanted to do something differently. I decided to prayerfully choose a virtue to “work” on during the year. I’m calling it a “virtue-olution.” Essentially, guided by the Holy Spirit, I would choose a virtue to work on all year by “adopting” a particular Saint’s intercession as well as finding ways to exercise that virtue, and let’s be honest, that’s all the exercising I actually like doing. I wanted the Holy Spirit to convict my heart about what I needed most desperately in my life and you want to know what He told me? Humility. That’s right—the mother of all virtues. Pride-killer.

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