Those who have been listening to Food for the journey regularly know that we are in the middle of a project. Listeners have been asked for the last six months, to jot down the date of the program and the Scripture passage that most affected their lives. Now we move on to the next step!


List the scripture passage that most touched your heart. In the first paragraph tell me how that scripture challenged you or convicted you or comforted you—that is, gave you new hope or peace or an understanding of the truth contained in the passage.
Second paragraph: tell me how that word of God is working in your life now. How has it changed you in an ongoing way? How is your life different because you let that word take root in your heart?
Send your two paragraph summary to Sister Ann Shields, SGL, Food for the Journey, P.O. Box 1426, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Please do not email your summary!

Sister Ann Shields
“Forget not love.”