An Open Letter from Young Catholics

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The following article originally appeared on First Things.

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Archbishop McCarrick’s predatory career would not have been possible without the culpable silence or active complicity of men at the highest levels of the Church. Revelations of his abuse have therefore gravely damaged the credibility of the whole Catholic hierarchy. Here a group of young Catholics speaks with one voice about the need for a cleansing fire. Their statement is non-partisan, assuming nothing but the eternal validity of the Church’s teaching.

They call for an independent investigation of who knew what and when, a new intolerance of clerical abuse and sexual sin, and public acts of penance by Catholic bishops. They promise to work and suffer for the Church, and to strive for holiness in their own lives. As children of the Church, they ask for fathers who honor the Father above. They are confident that their pleas are heard by God. They hope that they will likewise be heard by the priests and bishops who fear him.

Dear Fathers in Christ,

In preparation for the upcoming Synod on Young People, the Vatican asked for reports from young Catholics around the world concerning their faith and the role the Church plays in their lives. Some of us are younger than others, but we were all children in the decades leading up to the sexual abuse crisis of 2002. In light of that experience and the recent revelations about Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, we answer the Church’s invitation to speak. Our experiences have given us cause for gratitude, but also for anger.

We are grateful for the way good priests and bishops lay down their lives for us day after day. They say the Mass, absolve us from sin, celebrate our weddings, and baptize our children. Through their preaching, teaching, and writing, they remind us that Jesus Christ has conquered evil once and for all. Their daily sacrifices give us blessings of infinite worth. For all of this, we are profoundly thankful.

We are also angry. We are angry over the “credible and substantiated” report of Archbishop McCarrick’s abuse of a minor. We are angry over the numerous allegations of his abuse of seminarians and young priests. We are angry that “everybody knew” about these crimes, that so few people did anything about them, and that those who spoke out were ignored.

In addition, we have heard reports of networks of sexually active priests who promote each other and threaten those who do not join in their activities; of young priests and seminarians having their vocations endangered because they refused to have sex with their superiors or spoke out about sexual impropriety; and of drug-fueled orgies in Vatican apartments.

As Catholics, we believe that the Church’s teaching on human nature and sexuality is life-giving and leads to holiness. We believe that just as there is no room for adultery in marriages, so there is no room for adultery against the Bride of Christ. We need bishops to make clear that any act of sexual abuse or clerical unchastity degrades the priesthood and gravely harms the Church.

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One thought on “An Open Letter from Young Catholics

  1. The time has come for a new cleansing of the Temple! If true repentance is not forthcoming among our shepherds, God will not withhold his judgement on sin in the Church. (Jer 23:1,2)
    Please, Holy Father, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and leaders in the Catholic Church- hear the pleading of the laity, the Bride of Christ; those whom you are called to shepherd. Have no more fellowship with sin and selfishness, but rather expose it. Put away from yourselves the lies against the truth the Enemy has blinded you with. Be no longer conformed to this world and be transformed by the renewing of your minds in Christ. Cease with this debauchery and its darkness. You are not hidden before Him, to whom nothing is secret which will not be revealed. The light is already shining in the darkness. We are imploring you – Do not turn the Grace of our God into lewdness, denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ, knowing we shall not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from Heaven!
    Repent! Resign! Reconcile yourselves to Christ in the beauty of holiness. Turn away from evil and do good. Please! Before it’s too late – as it is appointed unto man once to die, and after this the Judgement. (Heb 9:27)

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