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Here we are—January 1, 2017—a new year! When we think of new, we usually apply that word to a new dress, suit, shoes, new car, phone, furniture, house, office, church . . . (add your own examples). But when Scripture uses the word new, it has an infinitely deeper meaning. New means “never having been seen before.” God makes all things new. He doesn’t just spruce something up or modify or create a new model of some sort. When God creates, the fruit of that creation is something never having been seen before.

. . . each of us is created to show forth a particular aspect of the beauty and wisdom, the love and the mercy that is God. We are truly God’s children and each of us is made in His image and likeness.  How does God wish to reveal Himself through you? Start by thinking of one strength, quality, gift you have and then simply ask God to show you how He wants to reveal Himself through the gift or quality He has given you. . . .

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