Loving relationship 2

Dr. Bob Horton leads a soil physics research and teaching program at Iowa State University and is a long-time Renewal Ministries’ supporter, friend, and mission team member. He recently wrote an article for CSA News, the official magazine for members of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, on a rather unexpected topic—setting “loving relationships as your highest priority.”

Can one combine faith with work in a field of science and succeed? How does one combine faith and work in any field? More importantly, why would one want to combine work and faith?

Dr. Horton’s article provides compelling and practical answers to these questions. Early in his career, he did not prioritize faith and loving relationships, but then a very personal tragedy set him on a different course.

He writes, “I am honored to be invited to provide some advice to early career members. Many years have passed since I was an early career member. I am now completing 35 years as a soil science faculty member. During this time, I served as major professor for several Ph.D. students and post-docs who now have established careers in soil science. In fact, the favorite part of my job has been mentoring graduate students and post-docs. My goal is to help each student grow as a person and as a scientist in preparation to successfully move to the next stage of life. . . .”

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