Ralph Martin’s article The Final Confrontation recently was published online at the Homiletic and Pastoral Review.

I must say things are getting crazier—wicked crazier. I’ve heard recently of two different sets of parents telling friends of mine, when asked about their only child, whether it was a boy or a girl, and getting in response: “Well, he’s biologically a boy, but we are letting him choose his own gender as he grows up.” And a recent headline in our local newspaper read: “Schools struggle with how to accommodate in-school restrooms for the transgender community.” As our culture turns away from God, the prophetic revelations of Scripture become more and more applicable to our own time. We are seeing not only a profound rebellion against the gender that has already been assigned—by God! But human beings, in ever larger numbers, are being sucked into the deception of our culture, and are joining in a profound and foolish rebellion against God’s ordained order of nature, and divinely revealed laws of eternal life, and everlasting death, virtually across the board.

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