The Chairman of Renewal Ministries’ Canadian Board Msgr. Greg Smith recently addressed the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Canada on “The Joy of Serving.”

His talk is a beautiful Jubilee of Mercy reflection on the fourteen spiritual and corporal works of mercy. He encouraged his listeners to spend some time this year considering how they can incorporate into their lives at least some of the works of mercy they may not normally utilize.

If you tend to emphasize the spiritual works in your life, perhaps you could implement some tangible, corporal works of mercy this year.

If you tend to emphasize the corporal works of mercy in your life, perhaps you could add in some additional prayer time, or even work toward better cultivating your ability to patiently bear wrongs or forgive offenses.

Either way, the end result will be an increase of joy. As Msgr. Smith said, “if our charity is animated by the love of God and a desire to share his mercy we can be guaranteed joy in all we do.”

You can read the full text of Msgr. Smith’s talk here.