We shared the following reflections on Facebook, and even though it is not a typical blog post, we want to share them here as well. It is so beautiful to see the myriad ways in which God speaks to and leads each one of us, all with the same goal of drawing us closer to His heart and into His will. We pray this encourages you to consider how He is speaking to you today.

Peter Herbeck leads a discussion with Renewal Ministries’ Country Coordinators and teachers.

During our recent Country Coordinator Meeting—in which we gathered with our missionaries and teachers from around the world—Peter Herbeck led a discussion about what words the Lord has been speaking to our hearts. Just some of the answers are listed below. What has the Lord been speaking to your heart lately?


Strengthened Faith.

Be ready: You don’t know the hour or the day you will be called.

Hope: The hope in Jesus. Real, supernatural hope.

Sensitivity to the Lord: Recognize the need in people around us. Be ready to respond to every prompting of the Spirit no matter how unusual it appears. Have maximum availability to the Lord.

Stay focused on the mission.

He is a good Father who delights in me.

Set your house in order.

Stay faithful: Draw close to Me and I will draw close to you.

Deeper intimacy.

Have holy boldness.

Go in silence and listen to what the Lord wants to say.

Forgive wholeheartedly.

Do not be afraid to love radically and live in a way other people will not understand.

I’m the Father. I love you unconditionally.

Radical joyfulness.

Launch into the deep.

Trust when I don’t understand my circumstances. He says He is with me and He knows exactly what’s happening.

A hunger for people of God to shine more in this world.

Deeper surrender.

Are you really listening to me? You are very gifted, so it is easy to do what you did in the past. Are you listening in this situation?

Hope in the midst of difficult family situations.


Proverbs 11:21: “God will rescue the children of the godly.”