bearing fruit

“The seed on good ground are those who hear the word in a spirit of openness, retail it, and bear fruit through perseverance” (Lk 8:11-15). Image credit.

Sr. Ann Shields’ booklet Yielding to the Power of God: The Importance of Surrender, Abandonment, and Obedience to God’s Will is now available on Renewal Ministries’ website as a free download. You can access the booklet here.

Sr. Ann wrote Yielding to the Power of God in response to a talk she gave at Steubenville in September 1981 that convicted and changed the lives of many people. She writes, “People were on their knees, weeping and repenting of sin. It was a night of God’s power, and all I could do was stand back dumbfounded and watch God act.”

This booklet answers the questions: Who is this God who wants us to deliver ourselves fully into His hands? Is He really the God of love, mercy, and justice we declare Him to be?

By sharing stories from her own journey, Sr. Ann reminds us us of God’s intimate and personal love for each of us and challenges us to surrender all doubt of that. The reward for doing so, she explains, will be greater holiness, joy, and power than we have yet known.

As she states at the booklet’s opening, “One of the most exciting promises in Scripture is, ‘You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes down on you” (Acts 1:8). Many of us believe this word in faith; this book is for those of us who desire to live out the reality of this Word in our relationships, our service, and our personal lives.”