In 1997, Renewal Ministries was contacted by a small group of young Catholic Hungarians who had the desire to bring Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to their peers. Later that year, more than ten-thousand people gathered in sport arenas of the cities of Miskolc, Pรฉcs, and Budapest to hear the Gospel at the first FIRE (Faith, Intercession, Repentance, and Evangelization) rallies there. Since then, there have been more than fifty similar events, in which hundreds have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and have been renewed by the Holy Spirit. Renewal Ministries works closely with the New Jerusalem Community in leading retreats, prayer and healing ministries, leadership training, and marriage retreats.

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“Most days, you donโ€™t have strong experiences with God. You are on your road with the hard cross on your back, but God blesses your faithfulness!”

-Deacon Zoli Kunszabo

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Deacon Zoltan Kunszabo

Deacon Zoltan Kunszabo

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