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by | May 21, 2022

The following post has been condensed from Heather Khym’s talk at Renewal Ministries’ 2022 Lift Jesus Higher Rally. It originally appeared in the May 2022 Renewal Ministries’ newsletter. The talk also can be viewed here. (Heather Khym begins speaking at 1:43:28.)

We have been adopted into the family of God; we are royal heirs. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says, “Jesus Christ is the one whom the Father anointed with the Holy Spirit and established as priest, prophet, and king. The whole People of God participates in these three offices of Christ and bears the responsibilities for mission and service that flows from them” (783). We participate in the kingdom of God as his royal heirs and have this authority only through Him. But many of us have abdicated our responsibility, our royalty, because we don’t always live as children of God. More often, we live as orphans.

How do we come back into our inheritance? We need conversion with power. The power that comes with conversion looks like Jesus tying a belt around his waist, getting down, and washing his disciples’ feet. This is what power with integrity, character, and purity of heart looks like. This is our baptismal call as children of God.

How do we fight as children of God? With arms wide open, surrendered to the Father. He is the one with the power; I am just going to open the door to his power. It’s not about my ideas of what I want, but what God wants, and what He desires. Jesus has come to make a beautiful exchange with us. He will take your sorrow, and He will give you joy instead. In turn, He wants us to do the same for others—but this can only happen if we are deeply abiding with Him.

Pope Benedict XVI said, “Christianity is not just a lofty ideal. It is an encounter with a person, and that person is Jesus.” God is real, He is power, and He has the power to change things. Our God has the power to heal and restore things that we cannot in our human power.

The outcome is not as important as the intimacy with Him. We need to be people who have testimonies, who allow God to come into these broken places in our lives. We cannot surrender to the way the world thinks, which is just: “It is what it is.” Have you heard that? It is not “what it is” when we are children of God! God is bigger than our circumstances. He can change the most broken things into something beautiful because He is God.

You shouldn’t have one testimony. You should have a thousand testimonies. I want to hear about the thing that happened years ago, but I also want to hear about the thing that happened last week and yesterday. How is God working miracles in your life, taking the broken places and transforming them into something beautiful? If that is not happening, we need to ask ourselves if we are really following Jesus. Are we really walking with Him, like Him, through Him, in Him through redemptive suffering? We are supposed to walk up the hill with Him, not just carry our cross in circles. God can heal and restore us even now. Carrying our cross is not for nothing.

It is critical that we abide—that we drop everything and follow the living Jesus. He is compelling and radiant. He is worth following, and He is just waiting for you to invite Him in. God is the real power that changes things, so open the door again. If you have abdicated parts of your participation as a son or daughter of the King, invite Him back in. Today is a day we can come back to Him with repentant hearts. Admit your dependence and open wide the door to Jesus.

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Heather Khym

Heather Khym is a host of Abiding Together and co-founder of Life Restoration Ministries. She lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.


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