Eleven Years of Faithful Service

by | Mar 7, 2022

After eleven impactful years of working at Renewal Ministries, Kathleen Kittle stepped down from the position of Missions and Conferences Coordinator at the end of last year, allowing Natalie Krackle to move into this pivotal, staff position. When asked to reflect on her time at Renewal Ministries, Kathleen shared that her association with Renewal Ministries came at the perfect time in her life to help refocus her administrative gifts, to grow in her sense of Christian mission, and to reinforce and deepen her understanding of the critical role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a disciple.   

“Since bringing me to Renewal Ministries in 2011, God has been at work in my faith life, moving it in slow stages from my head to my heart. I had been working in a demanding job as a hospital administrator and juggling parenting two young children with my husband when a bout with cancer necessitated that I reassess my career and family goals. From the very beginning, I felt that working as the Missions and Conference Coordinator for Renewal was a continuation of the work I had been doing in the health care system. While hospitals focus on physical health, Renewal Ministries focuses on spiritual health, so I simply shifted from facilitating the health of the body to facilitating the health of the soul.”

In a letter to our Country, Coordinators Peter Herbeck shared that “Kathleen is a consummate professional with many talents. She has, in essence, been the heart of our missions’ office and has done all things well. Besides the good work, she has been a good friend and sister-in-the-Lord to all of us.” Many staff members shared their gratitude for Kathleen’s gifts in connecting and being fully present to others at her farewell party. They thanked her for opening her motherly heart to them.

In turn, Kathleen shared that her co-workers and co-missionaries also touched her and her family deeply. “Sr. Ann Shields had a huge impact on my faith. I was mesmerized by her gentle preaching style when I heard her on the radio; the timbre of her voice and the simple way she spoke the TRUTH were so convicting. Imagine my joy when I began to work with her daily and was able to travel with her on a mission to Hungary! One thing that really strikes me about Ralph is his consistency, steadfastness, and his singular focus on the mission God has entrusted to him and Peter. He hasn’t wavered in that mission, and I think it’s why our supporters are so loyal and so trusting of Renewal Ministries.” Kathleen also emphasized that she greatly appreciated that her family was able to get involved in some of her mission work.

“When I started in January 2011, I was in need of a strong community of believers. I had experienced a powerful encounter with the love of the Father, the mercy of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit, but was a neophyte in the ways of growing as a disciple. Observing the fruits of heeding the call to holiness, evangelization, and mission while at Renewal Ministries profoundly affected my understanding of what it meant to be a Catholic and a disciple of Jesus. I will carry this understanding with me as I follow the Lord to where He is calling me now.

“What a privilege it has been to support Renewal Ministries missionaries over these past eleven years and to witness all the amazing things the Lord has done throughout the world! Please pray for me and know that I will be praying for each of you.”

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