Re-gathering, Rejoicing, and Renewing the Mission – 2021 Country Coordinators Meeting

by | Dec 27, 2021

With hearts wide open to the Holy Spirit and each other, the 2021 Renewal Ministries’ Country Coordinator Meeting was cause for great rejoicing! After a two-year hiatus due to travel restrictions surrounding the pandemic, Renewal Ministries’ worldwide missionaries, local staff, and teaching partners gathered together in person and through video streaming.

“Being together again [in person] was like coming home,” shared Lavinia Spirito, a Renewal Ministries teacher from Kentucky. “Even though I know that God isn’t limited by Zoom, I am! It meant everything to me to attend in person.”

Peter Herbeck opened the meeting by casting the vision for the two-day event held onsite at the Renewal Ministries’ office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“The main thing we want to do is just come before the Lord and worship Him. To place ourselves before that Lord and to listen,” Peter announced as participants settled in their seats the first morning. “I’ve got tremendous conviction the Lord really wants the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the preaching of the Gospel, getting people free, getting people empowered; the stuff that we do, our piece. He is very serious about all of us walking and moving in it.”

With online participants videocast on one of the meeting room walls in real time, the first day of the meeting was enlivened by joyful worship music, Adoration, Mass, time to pray with one another, and shared meals.

On the second day of the meeting, Ralph Martin provided a small sample of what people from around the world share with him about how the work of Renewal Ministries has impacted their lives. One such person put it quite simply, “You saved my life, and you saved my faith.”

Echoing the vision cast by Peter on the first day, Ralph’s talk articulated the path Jesus gave us to eternal life.

“We need something that solves what’s wrong with life on earth. We need something that solves the problem of sin. We need something that rescued us from death. We need resurrection from the dead. We need eternal life.

Now, the amazing thing is that that is what we have to offer! We have something to offer in preaching the Gospel that is unbelievably good. I mean, the Good News is amazingly good… If we could invent really good things, we’d never think of this; not only living forever but living forever healed of the wounds of sin, living forever with the divisions among us broken down… Living forever as one in Christ. And the way that eternal life comes is by believing in Jesus who is lifted up [on the cross]… We need to believe in the power of the cross, to repent, obey… and follow the path to eternal life.”

With hearts full-to-overflowing with the graces of the meeting, participants returned home refreshed and recharged to do the work the Lord has appointed Renewal Ministries to do in sharing the Gospel.

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