Spreading the Gospel in Rwanda

by | Mar 28, 2023

Our Lady of Kibeho

Teaching the Five Keys from Unbound comprises an important part of our work in Rwanda. The Five Keys are repentance and faith, forgiveness, renunciation, taking authority, and the Father’s blessing. The need for the Five Keys is reflected in a church near Kibeho, where we began this mission. The church was used as a refuge during the genocide. They have repaired the red brick where the bombs blew through the wall and killed everyone. It’s a terrible, bleeding wound in Rwanda’s history. After every teaching of the Five Keys on forgiveness, perhaps a drop of the bleeding ceases.

After we arrived, we attended Mass outside on the grounds of the Holy Shrine of Kibeho. After Mass, Lloyd gave a reflection to the approximately two-thousand people in attendance.  He challenged them to fulfill their destiny as the bearers of truth and make disciples of the nations. He told them they were specifically chosen by Our Lady of Kibeho, the Mother of the Word, to witness to the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of forgiveness. He told them to take the Gospel to their nation and the whole world.

The Five Keys

On Monday, we began five days of teaching on the Five Keys. After daily Mass—attended by about 150 people—the priest brought out the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration. After praise and worship, he walked around the church with Jesus, blessing people with his presence. They did this almost every day we were there. Then, Lloyd spoke to the congregation and the Five Key students who were there all week.

Our friend, Laetitia Mugabo, brought radio and television crews to film our teachings. She experienced a profound healing and has shared her testimony around the world.

In 2003, she lost a child. The doctors told her she would never have other children due to high blood pressure and other complications. In 2005, Laetitia got pregnant, and people prayed over the child in her womb. She got sick and almost died, but she recovered. Now grown, the young man is now smart, handsome, and taller than everyone else in his family.

Laetitia said, “I want to testify about the power of the Five Keys. In 2004, my heart was heavy and burdened. All my wounds were secret. I did not want to talk about them, but I was lucky. Lloyd and Nancy needed somebody to interpret, and I learned the Five Keys and started using them daily. The fifth key—the blessing—enables me to have blessings for my children and myself.

“Since that time, my pain has been removed and I can forgive. When I see people, I see Jesus. After I started living for Jesus, my life changed for the better. Now there is nothing difficult in my life. I can forgive easily, and I can accept things easily, but I’m not proud about it. I am proud of Jesus. During COVID everything stopped, so I asked Lloyd and Nancy to send me a teaching on tape that I could put on TV.  People were so blessed; it made a real difference in their lives.”

Healing, Evangelization, and the Five Keys

Next, we traveled to Nyakinama Ruhengeri Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) Centre, where we met Fr. Ferdinand Hagabimana. He is an amazing priest who shares powerful words of knowledge. Lloyd taught four-thousand people before Mass. They have no vehicles, so it was jaw-dropping to see so many people. There is no nearby town, and we wondered where all these people came from. They were totally on fire!

They cheered like we were rock stars. I think this was the first time an event like this had ever happened. During Mass, four-thousand voices sang in harmony! After Mass, the priest brought Jesus in the monstrance to his people and called out a long list of particular healings. He then invited testimonies, and person after person came forward to confirm the healings he had spoken out. It was extremely powerful. Faith was really built up!

The next week, we taught several hundred participants about evangelization with the Five Keys. The people sat on skinny little benches with no seatbacks all day. They were hungry for the Good News. It was amazing to see their faces change during the week.

Sharing the Word in Schools

We then had the incredible opportunity to teach all the Catholic students before Mass at Busogo University of Rwanda. About 150 youths showed up. Lloyd spoke on the Catholic faith and the fact that the Church exists to evangelize. They really responded! At the end, a large group followed us outside, asked many questions, and requested photos.

Another afternoon, we spoke to about five-hundred girls at a boarding school. The headmistress asked Lloyd to help the girls to better embrace their Catholic identity. He also challenged them that their birth was not an accident. God picked them specifically and has a purpose for their lives. He led them all in a prayer of surrendering to Jesus and forgiving those who have hurt them in the past. It was very powerful, and there were many tears.

Powerful Healings

Later, we headed to another girls’ school. Lloyd talked to them about­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ the reality of heaven and hell and that actions have consequences.  He told them they were personally chosen for this time and God has a specific plan for their lives and gifts of the Holy Spirit to help them fulfill that plan. He led them in a prayer to accept Jesus and then asked the Lord to give them the gifts and graces to succeed in life and spend eternity in heaven. They all eagerly participated!

Then, we had a beautiful and reverent Mass. Father took Jesus in the monstrance to the girls and began to give words of knowledge:

  • One was that God wanted to heal a young girl who had stepped on a nail and gotten such a serious infection that the doctors were considering amputation. Later, we saw her healed. She sobbed and sobbed on the priest’s alb as he comforted her.
  • Another girl had been raped and was going through terrible trauma. She had not told anyone and was blown away to know that God was real and knew her pain.
  • Other girls had stomach problems, headaches, inability to learn, and trauma caused by their parents getting a divorce. God wanted to heal all of these things.

Then, the priest encouraged the girls to share their testimonies. At first, no one responded, but with a bit of encouragement, they one by one began to give their testimonies, and soon the line was out the door.

Charismatic Rally

Our time in Rwanda ended with a huge outdoor rally and Mass. They consecrated 10,000 hosts! But there were even more people than that because not everyone was Catholic. Again, Lloyd spoke on the Five Keys for personal freedom and evangelization. He led everyone in prayers of forgiveness, renunciation, and command. He then challenged them to not hide their gifts under baskets but to share them to bring others to Jesus.

People ran down from all over to give testimonies of healing. As we started back to prepare for our trip home, there were so many people who wanted prayer that I barely got packed in between praying for people. What an honor!

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Nancy Greenhaw

Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw responded to Pope John Paul's encyclical Mission of the Redeemer in April of 1991 by leaving successful careers in order to serve the Church in the full-time ministry of Catholic evangelization. Lloyd was a representative for a Fortune 500 Company, and Nancy enjoyed a career as an award-winning watercolor artist and teacher. They have two daughters, fourteen grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren. In the US, Lloyd and Nancy have ministered through parish missions, conferences and retreats for adults and youth, prison ministry, and work with the homeless. In conjunction with Renewal Ministries, they teach evangelization schools in various regions of the country. Internationally, as Renewal Ministries’ country coordinators, they have led numerous outreaches to several African countries, as well as Turkey, Haiti, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea. They work closely with Church authorities to teach catechesis, apologetics, and the New Evangelization. The Greenhaw family also has a music ministry that plays both traditional music and original compositions in a lively style enjoyed by adults and youth. They have recorded five albums to date.

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  1. Marjo Hadfield

    Lloyd and Nancy, I was at the charismatic Conference in North Little Rock, this past weekend. I was so blessed by the teaching by the two of you. Came home set free of many things, and able to reach out at a stronger way.
    Gods blessings on your ministry’
    Marjo Hadfield


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